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Natural gum can improve tapioca starch performance and keep ‘clean label’ intact: study

A natural gum can be used to improve the functionality of tapioca starch without impacting ‘clean label’ claims, according to new research.

Supermarkets identified as main junk-food source for consumers: Study

Improving access to healthy foods may not be as effective in changing dietary habits as previously thought, as a study identifies supermarkets as the main source of junk food among...

Filling a €3.4bn deficit: UK research post Brexit

The European Commission has said it is business as usual for UK researcher’s access to EU funding until official Brexit moves are made. Yet concerns persist as reports emerge of...

Why do people binge eat? Researchers find way to ‘turn off’ behaviour

The neurological basis of why people binge eat has become slightly clearer as a study has identified specific neural pathways that can inhibit this eating practice.

Nanotechnology shows promise in overcoming fortification challenges

Nanotechnology used to encase a bioactive ingredient within a food grade carrier may provide a solution in reducing fortification difficulties and provide healthier functional foods, a study has found.

Warburtons and Cigi partner to develop new pulse flour-based baked goods

Top-selling UK bread brand Warburtons has partnered with the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) in a research project designed to increase the use of pulse-based flours.

Med diet appeals to hearts and minds as review outlines brain benefits

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet on the heart have been well documented but research has now established a strong link to boosts in attention, memory, and even language ability.

Food rewards may create unhealthy eating habits in kids: Study

Negative feeding practices such as using food as a reward or to regulate emotions could be setting up children with unhealthy eating habits that could impact on health in later...

Adding high-performing rubiscos into major crops could boost dwindling outputs: Study

High-performing rubiscos could be used on major crop species like wheat and soy to improve dwindling farming output, new findings suggest.

Odours can increase feelings of fullness, study suggests

Using powerful food smells could increase feelings of fullness as a study has demonstrated the orosensory transfer of satiety expectations when certain odours are paired with specific foods.

Nutrition fact panels less effective than front-of-pack claims for unhealthy shoppers

Detailed nutritional fact panels are less likely to influence non-health conscious shoppers than general front-of-pack health claims, a new study suggests.

Increased BMI not linked to increased heart attack risk, twin study shows

A higher body mass index (BMI) does not necessarily equate to an increased risk of heart attack or mortality, a study claims, although it is a reliable indicator for the...

Soy may support metabolic health in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: Study

Soy isoflavones may help in improving the cardiovascular health of women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a study has determined.

High protein and fibre pastas do not increase satiety

High protein and high fibre pastas are not more filling than normal pasta while high protein pasta is rated as being less tasty, say Barilla-funded scientists.


Diabetics should be wary of paleo diet ‘hype’

The Australian Diabetes Society president has said people with type 2 diabetes should be wary of social media hype about the benefits of going on the paleo diet, arguing there...

Heavy intake of animal protein points to higher risk of death: Study

Diets with an emphasis on processed and unprocessed red meats are linked to a higher risk of death whist the opposite is true for diets made up from plant-derived proteins,...

Study says consuming estrogen in cow's milk does not affect blood levels or reproductive health

A study at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia says that in experiments on mice, even at concentrations 100 times higher than in milk from pregnant cows, blood hormone levels...

Text message reminders aid obese teens to lose weight

Text messages committing obese teenagers to eat smaller portions each day or fruit for dessert saw them eight times less likely to pile on the pounds again. 

The internet of nutrition things: Samsung and Nestlé partner for research project

South Korean electronics multinational Samsung and the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences are collaborating on a digital health platform that brings together the concept of the internet of things and...

'Directing’ shoppers to healthy food increases spending in this sector: Study

In-store marketing of fruit and vegetables leads to consumers spending more on healthy produce as a greater proportion of their food budget, a study has found.

How can an olive oil waste product reduce industry use of artificial additives?

Scientists have developed a cheaper way to make high quality, natural emulsifiers and other valuable additives using the waste product from olive oil production.

First biological reasons for wheat sensitivity identified: Study

Biological reasons for wheat sensitivity in non-coeliacs have been discovered for the first time, scientists say.

Food texture insights could boost appeal and satiety qualities

Research into how food viscosity and hardness are determined may provide the food industry with insights into how to enhance the texture of foods, adding to their appeal and satiety.

‘Anti-blood clot’ fermented soybean extract safe, says EFSA

A fermented soybean extract that claims to help prevent blood clots is safe for use in food supplements, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded following a novel food application...

From law to labs: EU's tide change for animal experiments

With mounting public pressure, the EU has experienced a tide change on the use of animal experiments in recent years. But is this in vitro political will reflected in vivo...

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