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Cookie ‘supplements’ could save healthcare money and boost health

Battling malnutrition in elderly care: Study sets out economic arguments for oral supplementation

Solid oral supplements given to older adults who are at risk of malnutrition helped to improve health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs, according to a new economic analysis of trial data....

Whey can extend shelf-life of protein bars

The notoriously short shelf-life of protein bars may be a thing of the past thanks to a new whey protein that, according to its maker, can keep them soft for...

Trimming the fat off dietary guidelines: Study links high carb intake to mortality risk

Global dietary guidelines should be revisited, according to a Lancet study, which found reducing fat intake and replacing it with a high carbohydrate intake may be linked to worse health outcomes....

Vegetarian diet link with lower cholesterol reaffirmed in new study

Plant-based vegetarian diets, especially vegan diets are associated with lower total cholesterol (TC) and ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, finds a new meta-analysis published in Nutrition Reviews.

Preserving structure of plant-based foods limits fat absorption, study finds

Preserving the natural structure of plant-based food products during the processing process can limit the amount of fat and energy absorbed by the body, new research suggests.

Salt reduction trials in meat alternatives claimed a success

A series of trials to reduce the sodium content of plant-based, vegan and vegetarian meat alternatives has been completed successfully by Salt of the Earth.


The buzz on bugs: Will insect-based foods tip to the mainstream?

Foods made from insects generate a lot of column inches but they are a long way from entering the mainstream European diet: Will they get there?

Fruit-based prebiotic: A viable dairy alternative for probiotic foods and drinks?

Pectin and pulp extracted from passion fruit makes an effective probiotic food carrier, research finds as it demonstrates properties that stimulate probiotic growth and survival in the gut.

Heart failure 12 times more likely in people with vitamin D deficiency

More trials are needed to test vitamin D supplementation for the prevention of heart disease, say researchers behind a new study showing heart failure among the elderly is strongly associated...

Stealth reformulation of private label food can cut calories, study finds

‘Silent' product reformulation, where own-brand food products are modified without explicitly making the consumer aware, may be effective in reducing calorie consumption, say Danish researchers.

JAMA study highlights need for more sodium reduction, consumer education about salt

New research showing that 98% of homes have packaged food that exceeds the recommended amount of sodium, despite drastic reductions in the last 15 years, should be a wake-up call...

Berkeley researchers seek ‘actionable solutions’ at alternative protein lab

The University of California, Berkeley, is establishing a new programme focusing on the alternative protein space as it seeks to deliver “actionable solutions” to address the “real problems” facing the sector....

‘Smart label’ could tackle fraud, bolster food safety

Scientists have developed what they describe as a “low-cost, portable, paper-based sensor” that could be used produce “smart labels” that detect food spoilage and contamination.

Nutrient density on food labels could boost healthy choices – research

Researchers have suggested that the addition of Nutrient Rich Food Indices to food labels could help consumers make healthier purchasing decisions.

Fipronil egg contamination: Health risk ‘unlikely’ say German agency

There is ‘unlikely’ to be a health risk for those consuming fipronil-contaminated chicken eggs, the German Federal Institute for risk assessment said in response to the recent egg contamination scare...

Weight not a factor as energy dense foods appear to up cancer risk

Consumption of energy-dense foods may raise the risk of obesity-related cancers regardless of an individual's weight, a new study finds. 


Potential cocoa substitute: Jackfruit seeds create chocolate aroma, say researchers

Jackfruit seeds are a waste product that can be fermented, roasted and converted to flour imparting a chocolate aroma, according to research.

Creating enhanced food dyes by following a new beet: Study

Colour pigments used as natural colorants in the food industry may help boost crop disease resistance as researchers find a way to produce enhanced versions with a favourable ingredient profile.

CO2 rises could plunge millions into protein deficiency

Researchers claim that almost 150 million people (1.57% of the world’s population) may be placed at risk of protein deficiency by 2050 if levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere...

Zoonoses more sensitive to climate than solely human or animal pathogens

The impact of climate change on emergence and spread of infectious diseases could be greater than previously thought, according to University of Liverpool research.

Sweetener combos in food result in irrational metabolic response: Yale study

A greater metabolic response to a sweet-tasting, lower-calorie drink could explain the link between artificial sweetener use and diabetes, according to Yale University scientists.

Nanocoating spray shows promise in extending fruit shelf life

A plant-derived sprayable nanocoating could not only prolong the shelf life of fruits but also provide additional nutrients in a timesaving technique that allows the mass coating of perishable produce.

Food preservatives may disrupt appetite hormone function, study claims

Food preservatives used in breakfast cereals and seafood may interfere with hormone levels that control weight and satiety, as a study’s findings has implications on obesity levels in Europe.

Clearer food labelling on the cards with new whole grain food definition

An academia-industry collaboration has agreed on a definition that makes the whole grain content in foods clearer in its labelling, with the aim of providing clarity for consumers and manufacturers....

Energy drinks linked to future stimulant issues: Study

Regular consumption of highly caffeinated energy drinks over time may increase a person’s tendency to abuse drugs and alcohol in later life, a study finds.

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