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Don't ignore different flavour preferences of older consumers: Study

Certain flavours, such as ginger or mint, appeal to older consumers more than younger ones, and should be considered along with texture when targetting seniors in new product development (NPD).

Anti-GMO study quoted in Italian Senate retracted amidst data manipulation claims

A research paper that was referenced in an Italian government hearing on whether the country should allow GM cultivation is to be retracted after one of the authors was accused of falsifying research data....

Gut microbe damage from low-fibre diets may be inherited - and irreversible

Adopting a high-fibre diet may not only benefit the microbial profile of the person consuming the diet but also their future children, according to a study in Nature.

Obesity places children at higher risk of blood clots, say researchers

A link between obesity and the formation of blood clots in the veins of children and adolescents has been established by researchers for the first time.

The money diet: Spend more on food to be healthier, says 2000-strong study

People who increased the amount they spent on food made healthier choices, ate less energy-dense food and lost weight, which has implications for food taxes and consumer subsidies, say the...

Sesame oil reduces TAG, but not cholesterol: Review

Sesame significantly reduces triacylglycerol (TAG) levels, but does not affect cholesterol, according to a review.  

Healthy food does not replace junk in kids’ diets: Study

Eating healthy food does not reduce the consumption of junk food among children according to researchers, who say there is no link between healthy and unhealthy food consumption.

Sugar-sweetened beverages increase visceral belly fat, diet drinks don’t: Study

A daily intake of sugary drinks can lead to high levels of visceral belly fat, according to a recent study from the American Heart Association.

EFSA defends its stance on glyphosate as the war of words continues

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has defended its stance on the health risks associated with glyphosate as its public spat with WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer intensifies....

Online tool shows global scale of obesity-related cancer

The impact of obesity on cancer rates across the world – and how many cases could have been prevented – is made clear with an online data tool, launched by...

Food-based probiotic may inhibit pneumonia-causing bacterial growth

A probiotic found in foods such as yoghurt and miso soup has been found to inhibit the development of a pathogen that causes middle ear infections in children and pneumonia,...

Concern over trans fat levels in Portuguese pastries

High levels of trans fats in Portuguese foods, especially pastry, are contributing to an increased risk of coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes, according to a study -  but processed...

Empower portion size choice to the consumer, says study

In an environment where large portion sizes rule, allowing consumers more control over their portion selection could moderate the effects on energy intake, says a new study.

Wheat genome sequencing approach aims to revolutionise crop research

Research into bread wheat genomes will provide researchers with a new resource to improve yield, stress response, pest resistance and wheat adaptation, the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC) has announced. ...

What works for cigarettes may not work for food: Plain packaging increases snacking

The use of plain packaging on unhealthy food as an obesity prevention measure may have the opposite effect by increasing snack intake among men, a study has found.

Post-meal blood sugar levels promote heart attack complications

The level of sugar in your blood can affect the contraction of blood vessels, with potentially dangerous effects on the heart and blood pressure, a recent study has shown, highlighting the...

Cutting sugar in soft drinks by 40% could prevent 300,000 cases of diabetes: Study

Reducing the amount of sugar in sugar-sweetened beverages by 40% over five years could prevent 300,000 cases of type 2 diabetes in the UK over the next two decades, according...

Extreme weather may bring change in baking practices, claim crop researchers

Bakers may need to alter production techniques in the face of climate change, according to the authors of a new study on the impact of drought on cereal production.

Date seed protein has food potential but may not be economically viable: Researchers

Scientists say protein from date seeds could used as an alternative to soy protein isolate or whey protein in foods, however commercial viability needs to be further assessed. 

Easy food access leads people to eat when not hungry: Study

The tendency of today’s consumers to eat when they are not hungry might be detrimental to health than eating when they are hungry, according to research.

Is food marketed as healthy inadvertently fuelling obesity?

People tend to overeat food marketed as healthy because they assume it is less filling but food companies can counter this by portraying food as 'nourishing' or 'wholesome' instead, researchers...

Teach children to defend themselves against advergames

Children should be taught how to defend themselves against marketing tactics used in online 'advergames' for unhealthy food, says one researcher - but policy changes to restrict online advertising would...

Food make-up does not affect satiety properties: study

The high, sustained satiating effects of food foams are not dependent on its energy and macronutrient content, say researchers in a first-of-its-kind study.

Sugar-laden Western diet promotes breast cancer tumours

The impact of sugar on the human body was laid bare in a new study this week that identifies its role in breast cancer and the extent to which it...

Step away from the buffet: The recipe to eating a healthy festive dinner

It’s no secret that people eat more than usual during the festive season, but the buffet holds nutritional promise too. We visited a few...

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