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Nutritional whey from Borculo Domo


Whey derivative producer Borculo Domo Ingredient introduced a new range of brand names at the Food Ingredients Europe 2001 exhibition in London last week.

The company announced the following selection of products for the food and nutritional market. Deminal® - a range of demineralised whey product for use in infant nutrition; Domovictus® - a range of functional whey ingredients for use in chocolate confectionery and dairy applications; Hiprotal® - high quality whey protein concentrates for use in sports nutrition, infant nutrition and dietary foods; Mixital® - tailor made products for infant nutrition and Lactopure® - a range of lactose products.

In addition to this selection the company has developed a range of bioactive ingredients. Vivinal® ALPHA is a whey protein rich in alpha lactalbumine; Vivinal® GOS, a prebiotic ingredient containing galacto-oligosaccharides; Vivinal® MCA, a natural source of milk calcium and Vivinal® LF, a natural iron binding protein.

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