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Galam Group produces all-natural stevia extract

By Rod Addy , 22-Jun-2012
Last updated on 22-Jun-2012 at 14:36 GMT

Galam Group produces all-natural stevia extract
Galam Group produces all-natural stevia extract

Galam Group has unveiled Stevia Pure, an all-natural stevia-based sweetener extracted using only water via membrane technology and physical processes.

Stevia Pure would meet the high demand for clean label, natural ingredients and addresses the current debate raging in Europe over whether stevia extracts could be labelled as ‘natural’, said Galam Group. In addition, despite the fact that the company did not use masking agents, or flavour enhancers and blockers, the product did not carry the bitter afternotes common to many stevia extracts, it said.

The sweetener, which the firm offers as a premix, has several other advantages, corporate marketing manager Sharon Galperin tells FoodNavigator in this exclusive podcast made during a trade tour in Israel.

“It contains 67% Rebaudiana A, remains clear in water and doesn’t foam, which is very important for the beverage industry,” said Galperin. The lack of clouding meant it could be used, for example, in flavoured waters, she said. About a third of the premix was pure stevia, she said.

Israel-based Galam Group offers a range of other stevia blends as well as advice and technical support for companies working with stevia.

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