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GCC eating more fat, sugar and processed food than ever, says Euromonitor

Daily calories from packaged food in the GCC have increased from 1093 calories per person in 2009 to 1272 calories last year

24-Mar-2015 - GCC consumers are increasingly getting their calories from packaged food and soft drinks, with calorific intake from fats and sugar set to rise dramatically, according to new data from Euromonitor.

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Pioneers never says no to Panda producer Arab Dairy in $33m deal

Egyptian investment firm Pioneers Holding has bought a majority stake in Arab Dairy, outbidding foreign competitors with a total bid of US$33.5m.

Korea signs MOU with UAE for Halal, plans to double exports to $1.2bn

Korea has signed a memorandum of understanding with the UAE to develop its Halal food industry, with the aim of almost doubling its current US$680m Halal food exports to US$1.23bn by 2017.

Nadec launches new R&D centre as profit grows 7%

Saudi dairy producer Nadec launched a new research and development centre this month, as the company reveals 7% profit growth in its full-year results.

UAE date palms get UN recognition

The UAE’s date palm oases may be formally recognised by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation as of global agricultural importance, the FAO announced this month.

Egyptian agri investment booms at EEDC

Egypt’s food and agriculture sector saw a boost in foreign investment at the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) this month, with billions of dollars pledged and dozens of projects announced.

UAE dairy Al Ain claims world's first with camel milk powder and ice cream

Al Ain Dairy, the largest dairy processor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has launched what it claims are the world's first camel milk ice cream and milk powder products available on the mass market.