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Zeelandia Innovation: XFresh

Zeelandia is creating new possibilities in the world of baking | 01-Nov-2014 | Video Video
Improve cake freshness with XFresh, by ZeelandiaXFresh prolongs shelf life and improves the freshness of cake. Consumer tests and profess...

We are looking for the passionate

Premium Blendhub | 14-Apr-2014 | Video Video
Are you an experienced agri-food professional? Do you have a valuable network? Can you facilitate fast feedback from food industry decisi...

Emsland Group – a quality you can trust

Emsland Group | 25-Mar-2014 | Video Video
Emsland Group markets native and specialty starches, fibres, potato flakes and potato granules as well as hydrocolloids to the food indus...

Taste profile of stevia improved with oligofructose

Sensus | 18-Jul-2013 | Video Video
Research has revealed that Sensus oligofructose can be used to improve the taste profile of stevia, providing new opportunities for the f...

Fiber trends

Sensus | 02-Oct-2012 | Video Video
A nationally representative study reveals that consumers are interested in seeking ways to add fiber to their diets. But they also strugg...

Sense the freshness

Danisco | 17-Jan-2012 | Video Video
Freshness is priority number one for bread-buying consumers. With DuPont™ Danisco® bakery enzymes, you can crack the freshness code. Our...

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