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Vegetal Nisin A & Soluble Natamycin for Food Preservation

Handary | 17-Apr-2014 | PDF Application note
The innovative clear pure vegetable Nisin (called NisinA®) and high-soluble pure Natamycin (called NatapTM) achieved the highest level of...
Tragacanth Gum

TRAGACANTH GUM: the thickener and gellifyer of excellence!

Caragum International | 17-Apr-2014 | PDF Data sheet
Consistently excellent, with unrivalled qualities

CARACHEESE 4U - Cheese analogue: your pizzas and lasagnas will thank you!

Caragum International | 17-Apr-2014 | PDF Data sheet
CARACHEESE is  a flavoured functional system that reproduces dairy proteins in terms of taste, texture and appearance. 

Vanillin with a better taste

Borregaard | 10-Apr-2014 | PDF Data sheet
Vanilla is one of the world’s popular flavours. Borregaard launches EuroVanillin Borrebon. No other flavour  as vanillin has such a...
Organic Cashew Nuts With A Story

Tradin Organic Agriculture Organic Cashew Nuts With A Story

Tradin Organic | 20-Mar-2014 | PDF Case study
For those who care about nutrition, nuts are an essential element of the daily diet. Many forget however, that it is not only the nutriti...
Gelita AG

Perfect Stabilizer, Emulsifier and More

Gelita AG | 27-Feb-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
Most Gelatine types are usually associated with fruit gums and aspics. But the true potential for its application in a wide variety of fo...
Strategic Nutrition for Healthy Aging

Strategic Nutrition for Healthy Aging

Fortitech® Premixes by DSM | 06-Mar-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
People everywhere are living longer and stronger — and looking to nutrition to help stave off inflammation, osteoporosis, vision loss and...
Extending the shelf life of dry food products containing fruit

Extending the shelf life of dry food products containing fruit

Taura Natural Ingredients | 06-Mar-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
Products featuring real fruit appeal to today’s health-conscious consumers. But significant technical obstacles have previously limited t...

Emsland Group – a quality you can trust

Emsland Group | 26-Feb-2014 | PDF Data sheet
‘using nature to create’ – this guiding principle characterises the company philosophy behind the Emsland Group. Harvested raw materials...
Expo Communications

Free From Food Ingredients 2014 is hosting Europe’s leading suppliers (3-4 June, Brussels)

21-Feb-2014 | PDF Insight guide
Europe’s Most Wanted Allergen, Additives and Intolerance Free Trade Exhibition and Conference will help you to successfully differentiate...
Arla Food

Reduce your cheese storage time with Nutrilac® FastRipe

Arla Foods Ingredients | 12-Feb-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
Huge amounts of money are committed when continental- and cheddar-type cheeses are stored while being ripened ready for sale.Depending on...

Empure - Clean up your labels

Emsland Group | 11-Feb-2014 | PDF Data sheet
Clean label product concepts are on the rise worldwide and become the norm in numerous product segments.Clean label nutrition – or foodst...
Original Chia

Original Chia – Improve your nutritional value now!

Original Chia | 16-Jan-2014 | PDF Data sheet
Chia seeds are rich in Omega3, Fibre and Protein, and is approved in Europe for Baking goods, Morning Cereals, Nut seed and fruit mixes.O...
B&J Consulting Sarl

B&J launches cost effective NATURAL ENCAPSULATED Flavours

15-Jan-2014 | PDF Application note
Food and beverage manufacturers are faced with the difficult challenge of providing products which are closer to nature but at an afforda...
Vandemoortele launches Golden Harvest®, the better butter alternative!

Vandemoortele launches Golden Harvest®, the better butter alternative!

19-Dec-2013 | PDF Data sheet
Golden Harvest® is an exclusive range of functional blends of selected vegetable oils with butter, specially developed for food industry...

Stay Fit - Go Crystal Clear

Arla Foods Ingredients | 14-Nov-2013 | PDF Technical / white paper
Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a unique whey protein isolate which, when applied in drinks applications, can give a high protein co...

Imagine a meat product with no synthetic antioxidant but a long, stable shelf-life

Kancor | 14-Nov-2013 | PDF Application note
OxiKan® is a 100% natural antioxidant made from rosemary extract. Kancor's high-quality product out-preserves the competition with s...


Olygose | 13-Nov-2013 | PDF Application note
CRAVINGZ'GONE is extracted from legumes by a gentle, solvent-free process, and is perfectly suited for incorporation into sugarfree, frui...
Pectinase 872L: Fruit and vegetable firming enzyme

Pectinase 872L: Fruit and vegetable firming enzyme

08-Nov-2013 | PDF Case study
Many food manufacturers and processors experience the problem of soft fruit or vegetables breaking down or becoming damaged during proces...
Akras Flavours

Akras Flavours has launched AkraFruitCrystals - a unique way of drying fruit

Akras Flavours GmbH | 25-Oct-2013 | PDF Data sheet
AkraFruitCrystals are spray dried and fluidized fruit powders made from  natural fruit pulp or juice concentrates. Given the specia...