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Nutritionists call for national school food standards

More than 600 school nutrition professionals will next week call on Congress to adopt national food and beverage standards for 'competitive foods' sold in schools.

UK moves towards environmental food labelling

The UK has outlined its commitment to developing environmental labelling for food.

Are UK consumers becoming more health-conscious?

Increasing consumer awareness in the UK over healthy eating suggests that government messages are finally getting through.

Tate & Lyle appoints new R&D head

Tate & Lyle's appointment of a new head of global research and development underlines the company's focus on the value-added end of the ingredients market.

Cargill sets up new supply agreements for Canada

Ingredients giant Cargill last week finalized agreements with three of Canada's leading food distributors.

Health Canada review could see saccharin ban revoked

Reports from Canada indicate that country's ministry of health has reopened its evaluation of the ban on saccharin, the artificial sweetener linked to bladder cancer.

US biotech firms address analysts at ag forum

The nation's leading biotech firms yesterday outlined their performance and expectations at the eleventh annual Agricultural Biotech Forum held by investment banking firm Goldman Sachs.

Study identifies top performing food sectors

AC Neilsen's latest market report, which examines the fastest-growing categories and product areas across 66 key markets around the world, provides an insight into the future direction of global food development.

Corn Products expands polyols business with acquisitions

Ingredient firm Corn Products International has completed the acquisition of the food business of SPI Polyols, as well as the remaining 50 percent of SPI's Brazilian joint venture.

Cargill appoints new CEO

Leading US ingredient firm Cargill has announced the appointment of a new chief executive officer, a move that comes in the same week as a leadership reshuffle in competitor ADM.

Confectioners urged to target French sugar-free market

Opportunities are rife within the French confectionery sector for those manufacturers willing to invest in innovation targeted at European consumers, according to a report by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Corn Products closes 'record' 100th year

Corn Products International has reported "record" sales for 2006, closing its 100th anniversary year with what it had forecast to be its "best year ever" .

US sweetener report forecasts higher volumes, lower prices

US demand for sweeteners is expected to continue its steady growth to the end of the decade, but despite the expected increase in volumes, market value will be suppressed by falling prices, reveals a new report.

Roquette expands sugar-free gum possibilities

French firm Roquette has developed what it claims is a unique approach to applying sugar-free ingredients to current 'deposited gum' technology.

Better-for-you foods top Mintel survey

Food products with lower levels of 'bad' ingredients, such as fat and sugar, have seen a sharp rise in popularity over the past year, according to Mintel.

Tate & Lyle forecasts 'lower than expected' Splenda sales

Tate & Lyle has predicted sales and profits of its Splenda sucralose product to 'only modestly' increase due to a slower than anticipated acceleration of uptake from major customers.

Corn Products acquisition expands sweeteners, ingredients business

Corn Products International today announced that it is to acquire the food business of SPI Polyols, as well as the remaining 50 percent of SPI's Brazilian joint venture.

Cargill seeks EU novel foods approval for sweetener

Cargill is seeking EU approval for its sweetener Xtend Sucromalt, which it claims can bring slow energy release and low glycaemic response to a wider range of applications.

Kraft faces lawsuit over 'all natural' drink claim

Kraft Foods could face a lawsuit for deceptive marketing, which claims that the US giant is mislabeling a fruit juice product as 'all natural'.

Tate & Lyle operational Down Under

Tate & Lyle's new subsidiary in Australia and New Zealand is operational as of 1 January.

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