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Symrise set for Swedish probiotic takeover bid

German fragrance and flavours house Symrise has increased its stake in Swedish probiotics specialist Probi to 30.03%, and is now obliged under law to make a formal takeover bid.

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Bye-bye black box: Could ‘radical transparency’ transform the food industry?

Lack of transparency in blended ingredients is harming trust in the food industry – but there is another way, says president and CEO of Premium Blendhub, Henrik Stamm Kristensen.

Nestlé links with US human cell supplier to advance nutrition research

Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) has inked a deal with a Wisconsin-based biotech firm that will keep it in supply of human brain and liver cells for nutrition testing purposes with a focus on drinks, smoothies and other products targeting diabetes and obesity.

GM free: Ulrick & Short becomes first UK firm to gain 'Ohne Gentechnik' certification

Certification by German-government backed 'Ohne Gentechnik' labelling scheme will help British supplier Ulrick & Short to a competitive advantage in the GM-sensitive German market, says the firm.

Few people with metabolic syndrome follow nutrition recommendations: Nordic nutrition study

People who suffer from metabolic syndrome - or are at high risk of developing the condition - have a very weak level of adherence to the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, according to research from Finland.


FoodNavigator predicts top five industry drivers in 2014

As the New Year dawns, FoodNavigator predicts the top five drivers of the European food industry in the year ahead.

Enzyme-treated whey gains online UK debut

A sports nutrition firm has become the first online-focused business in the UK to offer an enzyme-treated form of whey protein.

FoodNavigator 2014: What’s on our editorial calendar?

From the newest developments in sweeteners, fats and oils and flavours, to the latest trends in gluten-free formulation and plant-based diets, FoodNavigator's special editions calendar for 2014 spans the hottest topics for the European food and drink industry.

Festive video insights: Mintel experts offer up highlights and predictions

With 2013 fast drawing to a close and 2014 just around the corner, we took the chance to catch up with analysts and experts at Mintel to ask them what their highlights from this year have been ... and a few predictions for what might be in store in the next 12 months.


Turning over a new leaf in 2013: The year tea turned hot...

In 2013 Unilever called tea the 'hottest beverage in the world' and recent research on its health benefits presents opportunities for industry innovation, with drinks like Lipton Natural Energy already reaping rewards.


Sweet tooth Scots: Scotland has poorest diet in UK

According to new government research Scottish people consume more fizzy drinks and sweets and eat less fruit and vegetables when compared to the UK average.


Looking back on 2013: How did we do with last year’s predictions?

Before we take out our crystal balls in January and look ahead to 2014, let’s take a moment to ask, how accurate was our forecast for the past year? FoodNavigator takes a look back on its predictions for 2013.

Can an apple a day keep the doctor (and statins) away?

The old proverb may stand the test of time, according to new research that suggests consuming an apple a day has the same benefits as statin drugs for people over 50.

Low calorie products remain enjoyable over time

Do our bodies learn that low calorie products provide fewer calories – and are therefore less satisfying?

Diet can 'rapidly and reproducibly' alter our gut bacteria: Study

Shifts in dietary patterns can radically alter the microbial make-up of our gut in less than a day, leading to rapid alterations in the functions of our microbiota, say researchers.

Last call for scientific papers: Vitafoods and Probiota in 2014

Vitafoods Europe and Probiota 2014 – two separate events – close the period for submission of scientific and other papers this Friday. Yes in two days.

EU labelling overhaul to affect (nearly) all food companies: What’s in store?

The Food Information for Consumers regulation (FIC) is set to come into effect this time next year. FoodNavigator spoke with Campden BRI’s principal food law advisor David Leeks to find out what changes to expect.

Unilever’s Flora ad trouble spreads to Spain

The Spanish advertising authority, Autocontrol, has accused Unilever of misleading advertisement of its Flora pro-activ spread by failing to include a statement stipulating target audience and conditions of consumption of the cholesterol-lowering product as required by European law. The company maintains its advertisement is in line with regulation. 

'Mood foods' are on the rise, says Mintel

Consumers are looking for foods and drinks that influence how they feel, whether that’s a drink that helps them sleep, or an indulgent ice cream. Mintel’s global food science analyst Laura Jones explains.

UK firm seeks novel food approval for chia seeds

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has asked for views on Nutrisure Ltd's application of standard equivalence for chia seeds grown in South America.

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