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Most stocks and gravies miss salt targets

Stock cubes and gravies contain ‘high and unnecessary’ amounts of hidden salt, according to an analysis from Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH).

Hops, fernet and the next Sriracha? Sensient’s 12 flavors to watch in 2014

The growing consumer desire for sophisticated, nuanced and personalized flavor experiences—with the enticing added benefit of health and wellness claims is what will dominate flavor trends in the coming year, according to global flavor and fragrance supplier Sensient Flavors. 

Pastry makers should brighten up, says Pidy

The patisserie world has not fully tapped into vibrant colors but should, a manager at Pidy says.

When is a colour not a colour? When it’s a food…

New guidance on colouring foods clears up a problematic question for the food industry in Europe: When is a colour a food additive, requiring an E number, and when is it a food extract with colouring properties?


Euro snacks group backs EU smoke flavoring regulation

The European Snacks Association (ESA) has backed the final regulation on smoke flavoring primary products that will become EU law tomorrow, after an exposure review found no health concerns.

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Nestlé is selling its 10% stake in Swiss flavors and fragrances giant Givaudan

Nestlé is selling its 10% stake in Swiss flavors and fragrances giant Givaudan, the firm announced Friday.

When 'natural' is not enough: Colouring foodstuffs in the spotlight

In many cases, it's no longer enough for a food colour to be natural: Increasingly companies are seeking colouring foodstuffs, concentrated from foods themselves.  FoodNavigator explored the evolving natural colours sector at FIE in Frankfurt.

Chilis, tea and masala: McCormick unveils top flavor trends for 2014

The flavors of India and Central and South America will have a big impact in 2014, as will consumers’ growing fascination with chiles, according to McCormick & Co. Inc.’s 2014 Flavor Forecast. 

EFSA dismisses diacetyl-Alzheimer’s link

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has dismissed a suggested link between the butter flavouring diacetyl and Alzheimer’s disease.

dispatches from fie

Leatherhead’s top 3 new products at FiE

Mushroom salt reduction, award-winning algal flour and musical taste buds, Leatherhead takes us through the top three new products at this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (FiE).

Maximise sweetener and acid profiles to aid natural flavours success, says expert

Manufacturers should look to re-address the basic levels of sweeteners and acids in their products in order to increase the success of natural flavour formulations, according to flavour and formulation expert Lindsey Bagley.

Obesity may alter our sense of taste, say researchers

Obesity may drive fundamental changes in our perception of sweet tastes by modifying the number of cells that respond to sweet stimuli, according to new research in mice.

FIE 2013: FoodNavigator team round-up

Our team of journalists is back in the office after three very busy days at FIE. In this final round-up podcast, we share our thoughts on the show.


Carbery link 'enabled us to become experts' in sports nutrition flavoring: Synergy

Synergy's close working relationship with its parent company, Irish whey protein manufacturer Carbery, has enabled it to become an "expert” in developing flavor profiles ideal for sports nutrition products, the company's commercial director for Europe told

live from #FIE2013

FoodNavigator at FIE: Team round-up – day 1

FoodNavigator reporters joined 1000s scouring the show floor from the moment Europe’s biggest food ingredients show opened yesterday morning.

A bad taste in your mouth? Researchers investigate the evolution of bitter taste sensitivity

Studying the genetic diversity of African populations may offer answers to how our sense of taste evolved and may be intertwined with other important functions such as metabolism and immunity, say researchers.

Evolva and IFF to end flavouring ingredient collaboration

Switzerland-based Evolva Holding SA and International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) have said they will end their collaboration on an undisclosed flavouring ingredient early next year, and Evolva is considering continuing the work independently.

Need for salt reduction ‘not always obvious’ to processed meat industry

Processed meat is the second biggest contributor to salt in European diets, but many manufacturers are still uncertain about why they should adopt a salt reduction strategy, according to AkzoNobel business development manager Matthijs Bults.

Natural ingredients are getting better - but it's still a developing area

Switching to natural ingredients often requires companies to go back to the formulation drawing board, but there have been some big improvements, according to head of food innovation at Leatherhead Food Research, Dr Wayne Morley.

News in brief

Naturex growth slows in third quarter on currency pressures

Naturex has reported slower growth in the third quarter, mainly due to currency fluctuations, although revenue for the first nine months was still up 8.7% compared to the same period last year.

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