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Dairy-based ingredients


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CARACHEESE 4U - Cheese analogue: your pizzas and lasagnas will thank you! - Caragum International

17-Apr-2014 - CARACHEESE is  a flavoured functional system that reproduces dairy proteins in terms of taste, texture and appearance. 
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Free From Food Ingredients 2014 is hosting Europe’s leading suppliers (3-4 June, Brussels) -

13-Mar-2014 - Europe’s Most Wanted Allergen, Additives and Intolerance Free Trade Exhibition and Conference will help you to successfully differentiate your company on free-from food solutions. Attracting R&D and Purchasing Professionals, it offers the route to the booming free-from food market with...
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Emsland Group – a quality you can trust - Emsland Group

03-Mar-2014 - ‘using nature to create’ – this guiding principle characterises the company philosophy behind the Emsland Group. Harvested raw materials are processed into innovative trendsetting quality products in tune with nature. The most important raw material is the potato. Starch from...
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Free From Food Ingredients 2014 is hosting Europe’s leading suppliers (3-4 June, Brussels) -

27-Feb-2014 - Europe’s Most Wanted Allergen, Additives and Intolerance Free Trade Exhibition and Conference will help you to successfully differentiate your company on free-from food solutions. Attracting R&D and Purchasing Professionals, it offers the route to the booming free-from food market with...
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Tate & Lyle Food Stabiliser Systems in ice cream - Tate & Lyle Food Systems

25-Jun-2013 - Stabilisers in ice cream – A growth opportunity for the ice cream industryTate & Lyle’s Ice Cream Concepts currently include more than 10 options for innovation, including: milk ice cream (at 0 – 15% fat levels), frozen yoghurt, soft ice...
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Food Vision 2014 – Connecting Leaders in Food & Drink Development - WRBM - Food Vision

12-Mar-2014 - Food Vision is the ultimate global event connecting leading innovators and senior business executives in food and drink development by combining strategic content with in-depth analyses of critical market trends and developments. Food Vision takes place on 31 Mar – 2...
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Reduce your cheese storage time with Nutrilac® FastRipe - Arla Foods Ingredients

17-Feb-2014 - Huge amounts of money are committed when continental- and cheddar-type cheeses are stored while being ripened ready for sale.Depending on the exact cheese type, ripening time ranges from 3-4 weeks to more than a year. Although ripening is a vital...
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Food Ingredients China 2014 -

27-Jan-2014 - FIC 2014 Preview More than 72, 000 sqm Exhibiting floor space Over 1000 exhibitors with over 300 overseas companies More than 90% of exhibitors are manufacturer Exhibits cover 23 categories of food additives and 35 categories of food  ingredients Chinese top exported-oriented companies all attend A...
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Revealing 2014 food trends for your cocoa and chocolate applications - Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

10-Dec-2013 - Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate's webinar reveals the latest trends for cocoa and chocolate applications and outlines Cargill's T-model, which provides the expertise and support needed to innovate, ensuring you keep one step ahead of the competition.
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Proteins, a practical guideline - Brenntag

26-Nov-2013 - Proteins are widely used in the food industry and provide a range of functions, such as waterbinding, gelling and emulsification. This document provides a summary of different proteins and their properties and applications. 
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Make an impact with authentic Mature Cheddar flavour - Synergy

25-Sep-2013 - Cheddar cheese – a classic British household essential – is a multibillion pound category which dominates cheese sales in the UK. Within the Cheddar category, Mature leads the way – with almost 50% of total market share and impressive year-on-year...
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Arla Foods Ingredients- From acid whey to added value - Arla Foods Ingredients

23-Sep-2013 - Out of ideas for tackling your acid whey problem? Arla Foods Ingredients has developed an opportunity to turn the troublesome by-product of Greek yoghurt production into a refreshing, nutritious fermented drink – drawing on functional milk proteins.Around the world, the...
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ERYLITE® Stevia - New Ways to Cut Sugar in Desserts without Losing Taste - Jungbunzlauer International AG

12-Aug-2013 - ERYLITE® Stevia is Jungbunzlauer‘s unique natural and zero calorie sweetener; with a sugar-like taste and bulk functionality it helps to create a significant calorie reduction in desserts easily. Go ahead and find out more about how tasty popular dessert products...
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Taste profile of stevia improved with oligofructose - Sensus

18-Jul-2013 - Research has revealed that Sensus oligofructose can be used to improve the taste profile of stevia, providing new opportunities for the food industry to create tasty, naturally sweetened yoghurts.
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Mineral fortification in dairy made easy! - Jungbunzlauer International AG

15-Jul-2013 - Are you interested in the mineral fortification of dairy products? This technical paper discusses important nutritional and technological aspects of the mineral fortification of dairy products. It provides the major findings of Jungbunzlauer’s internal lab work and the cooperation with...
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Say Yes to Clean Label - Ingredion

24-Jun-2013 - 77% of Europeans say ingredient lists are important. Deliver high quality clean label products with Ingredion’s NOVATION Endura™ 0100. Highly process tolerant and stable, this pioneering ingredient will change the face of clean label forever. The result of more than 15 years...
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Broaden your horizons with Halal and Kosher dairy ingredients - EPI Ingredients

11-Jun-2013 - The market for certified Halal and Kosher products is growing – not just within Europe, but also beyond its borders. To support you in your developments, we have selected long-established certification agencies of international repute, which rely on precise guidelines...
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Efficient product development. How advanced tools assure your business. - Adifo

10-Jun-2013 - Today’s food markets are impatient for new product launches and improved recipes. But how to remain creative with ever-tightening regulations? How to avoid recalls? How to meet price expectations of the market?  Here are some tips and tricks to hit...
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Go-Luo® (Monk Fruit – Luo Han Guo) Natural, Non-Caloric, FDA GRAS Affirmed Sweetener - Layn

06-May-2013 - Guilin LAYN Natural Ingredients Corp. over the past 10 years has dedicated itself to the commercial development of what is now the newest, most innovative and exciting all-natural, zero-calorie, high-intensity sweetener to hit the global market, stemming from FDA’s pivotal...
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Wheat proteins: sustainable & naturally well-balanced - Tereos Syral

22-Apr-2013 - Wheat is a well-known and appreciated cereal, rich in nutritious and healthy components. As a source of vegetable proteins, wheat supports a sustainable development process. It is suitable for the formulation of both delicious and convenient foodstuffs, adapted to a...

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