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Spanish swine fever restrictions lifted


The Standing Veterinary Committee (SVC) today voted in favour of a European Commission proposal to reduce the area in Spain from which the export of live pigs and porcine semen, ova and embryos are banned in response to outbreaks of classical swine fever (CSF).

The restrictions in the provinces of Valencia, Cuenca and Teruel, the second area where outbreaks of CSF were confirmed, have been lifted. However, during the next thirty days, Spain will send only live pigs from these areas to other Member States if they come from holdings which have been subject to a serological monitoring for CSF with a negative result.

The existing restrictions in parts of the province of Lerida (The comarcas of Pla d'Urgell, Urgell, Noguera, Segrià, Garrigues and Sagarra) remain in place. The proposal will now be formally adopted by the Commission in the next few days and is applicable until 15 October.

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