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Sensitive labels reveal food damage


US food safety technology company Cox Technologies, Inc., announced this week a sales alliance with Volk Enterprises, Inc. Cox Technologies and Volk Enterprises, a privately held company, will combine forces to bring Cox's Vitsab(R) smart labels to the poultry industry and other emerging sectors in the marketplace. The Vitsab(R) product is an adhesive label that is attached to wholesale food cartons during distribution. A simple, colour-changing dot reveals whether a particular carton has been exposed to damaging high temperatures. The agreement between Volk Enterprises and Cox Technologies represents the first distribution agreement for the Vitsab(R) product. Temperature abuse of perishable food, including poultry products, is a major concern along the "cold chain," in which products move from supplier to distribution warehouses and, finally, to retail stores. Temperature abuse can cause degradation of weight, quality and appearance. In extreme cases, temperature abuse can lead to contamination, such as E. coli. The Vitsab(R) product provides much-needed temperature monitoring along the cold chain and can, the companies claim, help the retailer with stock management.

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