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Request for proper labelling of carbohydrate


According to the National Nutritional Foods Association Coalition for Informative Carbohydrate Labelling, American consumers have become increasingly aware of the relationship between consumption of dietary carbohydrates and increased blood sugar levels. Elevated blood sugar levels can cause increased insulin production, which may lead to weight gain and complicate other health problems, including diabetes. In order to address these concerns, manufacturers have developed a product category formulated with glycerin or similar "low-glycemic" substances designed for persons on specific diets, such as low carbohydrate regimens. There are no specific regulations on the nutritional status of glycerin, which is chemically different from traditional carbohydrates, such as sugars or starches, and metabolises differently. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet formulated regulations or definitions on this issue. Currently, any ingredient that is not analytically assayed as a protein or fat using standard methods is assigned a carbohydrate status, according to FDA. This definition could lead to confusion in the marketplace. The NNFA Coalition for Informative Carbohydrate Labelling has brought several labelling solutions to the FDA to address these issues. However, at this time, the FDA has not reviewed the proposals. The National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) is an American non-profit organisation dedicated to the natural products industry.

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