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Konjac ingredient warning


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is warning consumers not to consume mini-cup jelly products with Konjac listed as an ingredient. This move follows recent proceedings by the Australia New Zealand Food Authority who recalled the product following fatalities associated with the Konjac ingredient, also known as conjac, konuyaku or glucomannan. The affected products are distributed nationally and are sold under various brand names. These products are sold in various package sizes. Mini-cup jelly products are traditionally manufactured in South-east Asia. Individual jellies are about the size of coffee creamer with rounded edges. These products may contain a flavoured centre. There are some products on the market which do not contain Konjac and these products are not being recalled. The mini-cup jelly products may become lodged in the throat and may be difficult to remove due to their size, shape, and consistency. The CFIA is working with the importers to recall these products from the marketplace.

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