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German scientists react to GM ban

Last updated on 23-Apr-2009 at 14:26 GMT2009-04-23T14:26:01Z

The German science organizations on green genetic engineering has criticised the country's government for the ban on Monsanto's MON810 maize, noting that a ban on one crop will damage all GM in the country.

In a joint statement, the German science organizations on green genetic engineering, noted the ban is “an isolated decision on a particular case, not a fundamental rejection of green genetic engineering”.

However, it said the organisations “fully support an exploration of the opportunities and possible uses of green genetic engineering in Germany.”

“A complete rejection of green genetic engineering would do lasting damage to Germany as a location for research. Genetic engineering techniques derived from molecular biology offer a unique opportunity to develop more valuable, more environmentally friendly, more productive cash crops in this era of climate change,” said the joint statement.

“The ban poses the danger that unfounded fear could take the place of rational scientific information. The minister's comment that the ban is an isolated decision on a particular case cannot compensate for the negative impact it will have on Germany's status as a research-friendly country and the fact that it is diametrically opposed to future-minded advancement.”

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