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Game on: Four industry giants pledge to use French nutrition logo

Niamh Michail

By Niamh Michail+

Last updated on 28-Apr-2017 at 15:13 GMT2017-04-28T15:13:40Z

Game on: Four industry giants pledge to use French nutrition logo

France's official - but voluntary - nutrition label has its first takers as retailers Intermarché, Leclerc and Auchan as well as meat, seafood and ready meal manufacturer Fleury Michon commit to its use on their products.

The nutrition logo, NutriScore, was recently adopted as France’s official label and received the backing of the World Health Organisation, which praised it for being “straightforward” and easy-to-understand.

Under EU rules regarding the single market, however, it can only be applied on a voluntary basis.

“Without waiting for the publication of the decree, several companies - Intermarché, Leclerc, Auchan and Fleury Michon - have today committed to put in place this system of nutritional information on all the products of their brands. Others have expressed their intention to commit themselves in the near future,” said a statement issued by the Ministry of Health.

French consumer rights organisation UFC-Que Choisir welcomed the initiative. “[We] call on other manufacturers and distributors to align themselves with this labelling model which is both the most effective for consumers and the only one to benefit from the recognition of the state,” it said.

It also went on to give examples of comparatively healthy choices that could be made for a balanced breakfast, such as Leclerc's 'Epi d'or' bread rolls, Intermarché 'Chabrior' whole wheat bread or 'toaster' muffins from home Auchan. Fleury Michon’s Moroccan couscous would make a healthy light lunch, it said.

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