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European Food Authority revision


In November 2000 the European Commission put forward a proposal for a Regulation laying down the general principles of food law and establishing the European Food Authority. The EU Heads of State determined at the Nice Summit in December 2000 that all effort should be made to ensure that this Regulation be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers as quickly as possible so that the Authority can start operating early 2002. The European Parliament adopted its report in First Reading on June 12, 2001. The Council of Ministers reached political agreement on the proposal on June 28, 2001, and adopted a Common Position on 17 September 2001. The Commission adopted an amended proposal on 7th August which reflects the Commission's orientations on the discussions in the Council and Parliament during the first reading. The Second Reading started on 20 September. A final political agreement can be expected by the end of 2001, with a formal adoption of the Regulation potentially early in 2002. A decision on the final location of the European Food Authority is due to be taken before the end of 2001. The Italians, in particular, are pushing for their own city of Parma, home of cured ham and parmesan, as the EFA final destination.

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