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Baby food fortification: Norway gives in to Brussels


The Norwegian government has reportedly given up its long-running fight against the EU regulations permitting the addition of minerals, vitamins and amino acids to baby food.

The Oslo authorities have been fighting the European Union directive that allows these additives for six years, and the capitulation has not been welcomed by anti-EU lobbyists in Norway.

The EU directive regulates the amounts of vitamin A and D which are allowed in baby food, but the Norwegian government had protested that there was evidence to suggest that the addition of the vitamins could be harmful to children. In the worst case scenario, too much intake of a particular vitamin can cause poisoning, the authorities claimed.

Until now, baby food manufacturers have been forced to make different products for both Norway and Iceland, which also does not accept fortification of baby foods. However, this is a costly procedure, and the Norwegian government has been under intense pressure to bring its rules into line with those in the 15-country trading bloc.

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