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Mexican soda tax analysis: The figures just don’t back the hype

The success of the Mexican soda tax is fast becoming the stuff of public health myth and legend.

UK should launch ‘3-a-day’ dairy program: report

A new report published by the UK Dairy All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) was launched in London Wednesday at the Houses of Parliament.

IARC urges action against mycotoxin contamination in developing countries

The problem of mycotoxin contamination in developing countries has been ‘ignored for too long’ and it is time to ‘turn science into action’, according to the director of an organisaton...

EU delays glyphosate decision amid cancer concerns

The European Commission delayed making a decision on glyphosate yesterday as four member states, including the EU Presidency-holding Netherlands, said they would vote against renewing Monsanto's licence, leaving campaigners claiming...

EU regulators debate future of glyphosate

EU regulators are today debating whether to extend approval for Monsanto's controversial pesticide glyphosate.

EU court awards EFSA right to publish suppressed pesticide opinion

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has republished findings on the pesticide diflubenzuron after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) reversed a decision that found in favour of Chemtura.

The future of biofortification: Democratic, patent free and multidisciplinary

The biofortification movement has succeeded in bringing the nutrition and agriculture communities under one roof – but there is more to be done to democratise the results of these efforts,...


What if... the EU banned energy drink sales to under 18s

An EU-wide ban on selling energy drinks to under 18s would see volume sales fall by over 70 million litres, if the impact of similar legislation in Lithuania is anything...

Campaigners file formal complaint against EU over glyphosate

Six environmentalist groups have filed a formal complaint against EU regulators for denying the link between the controversial herbicide glyphosate and cancer.

EU authorises vinegar additives for acetic acid

The European Union's Additive Regulation has been amended to allow additives permitted in fermented vinegar to also be used for diluted acetic acid.

Sports nutrition position paper backs off on big protein doses, boosts use of some supplement ingredients

A new position paper on sports nutrition takes no sides in the debate about which carbs are best but does take a step toward more focused recommendations for protein amounts...

Traceability from tree to table: Italy launches olive oil certification label

A certification label added to bottles of Italian extra virgin olive oil will combat fraud and allow consumers to trace their oil from tree to table, the Italian olive oil sector has...

UK’s obesity strategy delayed again

The British government’s obesity strategy has been delayed again to the disappointment of public health campaigners.

Change is COOL: Online petition for meat origin labelling gains momentum in France

Nearly 8000 French consumers have signed a petition on calling for mandatory country of origin labelling for processed meat products.

Eat less meat to meet EU climate targets, study says

Technological advancements and dietary changes have been targeted to meet EU climate targets that require deep cuts in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a study has identified.

EU olive oil producers unhappy with Parliament's show of solidarity for Tunisia

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have backed plans to allow an extra 70,000 tonnes of duty-free Tunisian olive oil into the EU to help Tunisia's country – but it has been met...

Europe set for bittersweet summer as sugar supply crisis looms: CIUS

A sugar supply crisis in Europe is almost certain this summer unless the EU acts now to prevent one, the Committee of European Sugar Users (CIUS) has warned.

Mars issues mass chocolate recall due to plastic

Mars Chocolate has recalled a variety of chocolate bars after plastic was found in one of the products.

Change needed to ensure EU has safe food in 2050

The food environment in Europe in 2050 will look very different to what it is today as issues of food security and food safety increasingly overlap and present new challenges...

Food industry backs roadmap for EU-wide reformulation

The food industry has agreed to work with EU member states to make Europe’s food supply healthier through a voluntary reformulation plan launched by the Dutch presidency.

What EFSA wants from novel food applications

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published draft guidance on applications for novel foods under revised rules, but a food lawyer warns the requirements may prove too cumbersome for...

Cambodian and Turkish foods get EU protected origin status

The EU has further expanded its protection of artisanal foods beyond Europe’s borders as it granted protected geographical indications to Cambodian Kampot pepper and a type of Turkish fig last...

Nestlé calls for strictly regulated EU nutrition policy

Europe needs a coherent, strictly regulated policy on nutrition in order to ensure the health and well-being of its 500 million citizens, according to Nestlé executive vice president Luis Cantarell.

UK spotlight falls on mandatory vitamin D fortification

The re-emergence of the Victorian-era condition rickets in the UK has put the spotlight back on vitamin D intakes, and a recent advisory committee report will likely spur debate on...

Mamma Mia! Mamma Tia? Italy wants to stamp out fake 'Italian-sounding' names

Food firms are making billions off the back of rip-off, Italian-sounding names to the detriment of genuine Italian manufacturers – an 'odious and unfair' practice that should be stopped under EU...