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Healthy eating policies ignore sustainability of food

European countries are failing to integrate sustainability into policies to promote healthy nutrition, according to the European Public Health Association (EUPHA).


European Court of Justice says purely plant-based products can’t use dairy names

The Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg today announced purely plant-based products cannot, in principle, be marketed with designations such as ‘milk’, ‘cream’, ‘butter’, ‘cheese’ or ‘yogurt’,...

EFSA defends independence as new data shows 46% of experts have conflicts of interest

The European Food Safety Authority has been urged to rethink its new independence rules after new research showed that more than one in four of its experts have direct financial...

Proposed “benchmark” acrylamide levels set to impose further food firm limits

Measures to reduce acrylamide levels in food took a step forward as new draft proposals outline "benchmark" mandatory levels for the industry.

Cities ‘taking matters into their own hands’ to fix food system, report states

Urban cities are emerging as frontrunners in driving food policy forward, according to a report, taking on a governmental role in finding innovative ways to address today’s global food system...

Make loaves, not war: Government stability key to minimising food riot risk

Violent uprisings related to food scarcity will depend more on the strength of a country's government rather than the impact of climate change, a study says.

Nestlé comes out top in report assessing chocolate companies for their progress tackling child labor

Nestlé Cocoa Plan has come out top in a report by Stop the Traffik and Baptist World Aid Australia assessing the progress made by chocolate companies and certification organizations in tackling...

Higher marine food demand places big fish on ‘at risk’ list, study finds

Regional differences in fish stock status in Europe and overfishing in the Mediterranean are the two main reasons why larger fish types are threatened with extinction.  

Population-wide salt cutting plans more effective than individual focus: Review

Food labelling, media campaigns and population-wide policies such as mandatory reformulation achieve more reductions in salt intake than individual methods such as dietary advice, a review finds.

Ferrero wins appeal as Belgian court tells Delhaize to stop saying 'no palm oil' is healthier & more sustainable

Ferrero has won a court case against Belgian retailer Delhaize for claiming its palm oil-free, Nutella-style spread is healthier and better for the environment than a product with palm oil....

Irish code of practice a ‘global first’ in curbing unhealthy food marketing

Ireland is to become the first country to implement a voluntary code of practice on marketing, product placement and sponsorship of high fat, salt and sugar foods (HFSS) to children...

EFSA launches platform to help SMEs with novel food applications

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) preparing a novel food application can receive administrative help through a new support platform launched by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Hungarian law to require "distinctive warning" labels on foods with inferior ingredients

As Bulgaria's prime minister slams dual quality foods as 'apartheid', a draft law by Hungary would see warning labels on foods with a different ingredient composition outside the country, but...

Science skills should switch to social side of seafood sustainability, says paper

Calls for scientists to help tackle human rights violations in the seafood industry feature in a paper presented at the United Nations Oceans Conference in New York.

Freshfel calls for minimum fruit content to use fruit images on-pack

Manufacturers are misleading consumers with images of fresh fruit on packaging when the actual fruit content is minimal or even zero, says trade group Freshfel, as it calls for a legal...

Europe reacts with anger as Trump dumps Paris Agreement

Europe's politicians, academics and business leaders have strongly condemned US president Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

Sugar-restricted diet hits certain cancers harder: Study

A low-sugar diet may affect the speed at which certain cancer cells spread after a study finds some types rely more on sugar as an energy source than others do. ...

One dead in German E. coli O157 outbreak

Germany is investigating an outbreak of E. coli O157 linked to minced meat in which one person has died.

E. coli investigation continues as Ardent Mills expands flour recall

Ardent Mills has expanded a recall of flour as Canadian authorities investigate an E. coli O121 outbreak that has sickened 30 people.

UK food industry faces labour shortfall as Brexit fallout gathers pace

UK food manufacturers faces a shortage in labour skills and manpower fuelled by Brexit and low numbers of young people choosing the sector as a career, say food policy experts.

A lack of political will is stalling action on obesity: McKinsey report author

Europe is struggling to get to grips with rising obesity levels because politicians are distracted by single policies and industry lacks the level playing field that regulation can create, says Richard Dobbs, author of...

Clash of the Seitans: Lobbies locked in plant-based stalemate but near EU definition of vegetarian

As Europe’s processed meat lobby presses the Commission to ban vegetarian products from using meat names, FoodDrinkEurope (FDE) and the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) are close to agreeing on a definition...

FoodDrinkEurope calls for industry action on better nutrition

Industry association FoodDrinkEurope (FDE) is launching a call for action to improve diets and promote nutrition and health across the continent, saying there is no "silver bullet" for obesity....

Meat-analogue switch could meet greenhouse gas targets, study suggests

Substituting beef for green beans has more of an effect in reducing greenhouse gases than placing restrictions on vehicle use or manufacturing processes, a study has found.

Do consumers really care about the ethical considerations of fishing?

Ethical and social considerations are not as important to consumers as nutrition and freshness when buying fish, according to a new survey conducted by TÜV SÜD.

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