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Dutch success on salt reduction overshadowed by sugar and fat fails

Dutch food manufacturers have successfully cut salt levels from many products but are dragging their feet on reformulation of sugar and saturated fat, according to a government report published earlier...

EU launches new sustainable fisheries project to fight climate change threats

The EU has launched the ClimeFish project, which will evaluate data streams to encourage European fisheries to adapt to the changing risks and opportunities presented by climate change.

Health risk from pesticide residues is low, says EFSA

The health risk from pesticide residues in food is low, according to a report by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), with 97% of samples within legal limits - but...

JRC finds 14% of honey samples to be adulterated

More than 14% of tested honey samples have been found to be adulterated, according to a long-awaited report by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Italy proposes €18,000 fine for firms failing to indicate Italian origin

New legislation could require manufacturers to give detailed origin labelling for all pre-packaged food on Italian shelves or face heavy fines – but does the move undermine EU law and...

Mediterranean overfishing risks reaching ‘a point of no return,’ report warns

Mediterranean Sea fish stocks are rapidly deteriorating with one third of commercial and non-commercial fish over-exploited and some on the verge of depletion, according to a report.

EFSA: No safety issues over acacia gum as food additive

Acacia gum is safe for use as a food additive concludes the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) following a risk re-evaluation request from the European Commission.

Palm oil and cocoa commitments undermined by poor regulation

Food manufacturers are struggling to tackle deforestation because of failures by governments both at home and overseas, according to candid interviews with a number of high-profile firms.

European Parliament votes in favour of strict new palm oil measures

Today the European Parliament voted to implement tough new palm oil resolutions, which if enforced would see its elimination from use in biofuels and enforce stricter regulations on production and...

'Dangerous' acrylamide levels found in one in five crisps, report reveals

Almost one in five potato crisp varieties available from retail food outlets in the UK have high levels of acrylamide, a known carcinogen, according to a report.

FAO calls for integrated approach to food chain crises

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has highlighted emergency prevention methods and tools to improve food safety and security.

UN slams Thailand for 'government corruption' behind slavery in fisheries

Thailand’s fisheries have been caught out yet again after the UN released an unusually critical report of the Kingdom’s failure to stamp out slavery and human rights abuses in its...

Conflict a key driver behind soaring food insecurity worldwide

Over 100 million people worldwide are severely food insecure in 2016 - a jump from the 80 m recorded in 2015, despite the progress made in reducing food security, according...

The big debate: Can sugar survive a public health crisis?

The world is getting fatter and unhealthier - are smaller portions and diet drinks really going to help when they sit next to full-sugar, supersized products? Is it time to...

A quarter of families struggle to afford food in the UK: Gov survey

Almost one in four low-income families have difficulty eating regularly or healthily, finds a UK government survey that lays bare the extent of issues of affordability and food insecurity.

WHO set new standards for monitoring junk food ads aimed at children

The World Health Organisation has released guidelines for a new Europe-wide investigation into junk food ads aimed at children.

UK guidelines target cakes and cereals in drive to cut sugar by 20%

The UK Government has set out sugar limits for popular foods with the aim of improving children's health by removing 200,000 tonnes of sugar from the UK market by 2020.

Oikos fights government plans to abandon Norway's organic targets

Oslo’s government has announced plans to reduce its ambitious organic targets, sparking a backlash from the country's lead organic trade group who advise their government to 'Look to Sweden'.

Sugar, salt and fat taxes are 'very positive', says Health Commissioner

The EU Health Commissioner has said that taxation on certain ingredients and products can be a “very powerful” tool for tackling health issues, including obesity. Campaigners have welcomed his comments but food...

Waiver for free range eggs ruled illegal by EU commissioner Hogan

Commissioner for agriculture Phil Hogan has ruled out any waiver on the EU’s free range egg policy, which has forced many producers to abandon the status in the wake of...

UK triggers article 50 for Brexit; Industry reacts

Today UK prime minister Theresa May triggered article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, formally launching Britain’s exit from the European Union, which the British and European food industry had opposed.

Food and drink promos ‘undermining’ childhood obesity efforts, say MPs

Highly discounted food items and the ‘buy one get one free’ price promotions are undermining the efforts made in tackling childhood obesity, according to the UK Commons Select Committee. 

Scotland and Wales launch plans to help food sector weather 'uncertain times'

Scotland and Wales have launched ambitious new plans to help power their food industries through the years of uncertainty that are expected now the UK has begun the process of...

MEPs oppose GM approvals but Commission will have the final say

EU member states yesterday voted against the introduction and renewal of GM grains in Europe but failed to reach a binding majority, leaving the president of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker...

Nestlé "very concerned" over deforestation links to Wilmar palm oil

Nestlé says it is "very concerned" by allegations that its palm oil supplier Wilmar International has again been implicated in sourcing palm oil from the protected Leuser ecosystem in Indonesia, according...

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