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Food chain is unfair, says EU task force. No it’s not, say retailers.

The retail sector has launched a damning attack on the EU’s agri-markets task force after it recommended that new regulations are needed to protect producers and farmers.

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EFSA publishes novel food guide as centralised system kicks in

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published guidance documents on what it will look for in novel food applications under new EU rules.


A cheese by any other name: Let plant-based alternatives use traditional dairy terms

Why call something 'vegan cheese' when you could call it 'a plant-derived, oil-based dairy analog'? How about because it is vegan cheese. It's time for the dairy lobby to see plant-based alternatives...


Acrylamide proposals strengthened in new draft

The European Commission has moved to strengthen proposed new regulations on acrylamide, but the amendments are unlikely to be enough to appease campaigners.

Over half kids' food on Spanish TV use health halo claims: Research

Over half of all food products marketed to children on Spanish television make some kind of nutrition or health claim but many of these products are unhealthy, say researchers calling for...


What will a Trump presidency mean for Europe's food industry?

Europe woke up this morning to news that business mogul-turned-politician Donald Trump is the elected president of the USA. So what does this mean for its food industry and your business?...

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Palm oil industry under fire as Indonesia’s haze drama continues

Haze from slash-and-burn agricultural has returned to Southeast Asia this year. Is it enough to wait for regulators to bring the (mainly palm oil) culprits to justice? Asian resource legal...

UK petition demands nutritionist become protected job title

UK nutritionists are calling for their job title to be legally protected like dietitian's are, with a petition to government collecting nearly 2,500 signatures in five days.

Some RSPO members are ‘first-class hypocrites’: The scathing personal view of palm oil boss (who also happens to be the organisation’s co-chair)

RSPO co-chair and boss of Malaysia’s United Plantations Berhad, Dato’ Carl Bek-Nielsen gave a measured address at the opening of the organisation's RT14 conference in Bangkok.

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Possible BPA ban could boost clean label claims

A possible ban of Bisphenol A in Europe highlights the importance of clean label claims, according to a Euromonitor analyst.

Tax beef 40% and milk 20% to cut carbon and save lives, say scientists

 A carbon levy on foods could help slash greenhouse gas emissions by a billion tonnes and save half a million lives, according to the first global analysis of the policy....

Ireland's salt intake is falling - but still too high

There have been “significant reductions” in salt intake among the Irish population thanks to voluntary industry efforts, says the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) - but intake is still more than...


What now for climate change & food?

The climate change agreement struck in Paris a year ago entered into force on Friday. Some 55 countries representing 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions have ratified the accord and...

Poor regulation of powerful digital ads undermines childhood obesity work: WHO

Digital marketing continues to offer a “loophole” for food brands to push junk food to children, according to new European research published by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Taxation could have big impact on future chocolate sales

Many countries are considering or have implemented taxes on high calorie, fat or sugar products in recent years, which could have a significant impact on chocolate sales, according to Euromonitor.

‘Socially irresponsible’: UK agency bans Diet Chef advert

The UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has banned an advert from diet plan company Diet Chef after 26 viewers complained the advert exploited women’s insecurities about their bodies.


Obesity plan 'dismantling' leaves bare bones of a strategy

Details of the UK’s childhood obesity plan as it stood in June – back when David Cameron was Prime Minister and the UK was still debating whether to stay in...

Forced labour in food industry: ‘Progress has been slow’ says report

Large food manufacturers are not doing enough to tackle forced labour, a report has found, as vulnerabilities in supply chains means workers are amongst the poorest paid and most exploited.

CETA trade deal signed while opposition remains

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has been agreed between the European Union and Canada.

IOP welcomes more investment to underpin £28bn food industry

As the UK’s relationship with the EU evolves, the Institute of Physics (IOP) has called on the UK government to make the food industry a priority to remain economically competitive....

World health leaders push for junk food taxes and ad bans

The World Medical Association has lent its weight in support of tough new policies to curb obesity, including taxes on junk food and sugary drinks as well as bans on...

Pesticide data suggests EU food is safe; campaigners disagree

97% of food samples tested in the EU are free of pesticide residues or contain traces that are within legal limits, according to 2014 data published this week by the European...

'There is no market demand for sustainable palm oil use in feed' - Nevedi

Dutch feed makers await briefing on sustainable palm oil sourcing

Feed manufacturers in the Netherlands will have to cover their domestic palm oil footprint individually from next year. 

EC called on to fast-track impact assessment

MEPs vote to limit trans fats in EU

MEPs have overwhelmingly voted to adopt a resolution pushing for a European limit on industrially produced trans fats, something industry has said it supports at 2%.

Law applies from 3 November 2016

Stevia sector says imminent EU law changes will sweeten NPD

An amendment to the EU food additives regulation has removed the requirement for stevia blends to contain at least 75% stevioside or reb A, giving food and beverage manufacturers scope...

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