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Branding Vs label info: who's the enemy?

Product branding and information provided to consumers on food labels are again at loggerheads, and industry doesn't seem likely to accept new EU labelling proposals without a fight.

EFSA reports progress on flavour evaluations

The European Food Safety Authority is expecting to complete its evaluation of the safety of 2,800 flavouring substances by April to allow for a positive list to be established, but...

3mm proposal pits label info versus brand

The stipulation in the new proposal on food labelling that the smallest text for mandatory on-pack information be 3mm is unworkable, says the industry, which maintains other aspects should also...

Member states agree on minimum vitamin and mineral levels

A working party drawing up levels for supplements and fortified foods have reached a "general agreement" that the lowest levels should be 15 per cent of the recommended daily allowance...

Labelling proposal could harm single market, warns industry

Food industry groups are concerned that the European Commission's proposal on food labelling, which leaves the way open for national voluntary schemes to co-exist alongside EU requirements, will damage the...

Commission calls for stricter, standardised labelling

The European Commission will vote on legislation to introduce mandatory regulations for food and drink labelling across Europe, putting an end to the current inconsistency.

Mandelson expects commodity hike Doha benefits

Growing global concerns over sharp increases for food and commodity prices could have significant benefits in helping to establish free trade, the EU commissioner for trade has said.

Germany enables easier GM cultivation

New legislation passed in Germany on Friday has paved the way for increased biotech innovation and easier cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops.

Food law progress expected with the Slovenian presidency

The food industry can expect to see progress in novel foods regulation, the Food Improvement Agents Package (FIAP) and the labelling regulation during Slovenia's presidency of the European presidency, according...

UK foods to follow single labelling system

The UK government will say today that the nation must adopt a single, consistent food labelling system.

Scotland kicks off food policy debate

The Scottish government has published a new discussion paper setting out its vision for the country's food supply and industry, which will help set the agenda for its first ever...

EFSA seeks experts for two new panels

The European Food Safety Authority has started seeking experts to sit on its two new panels on food additives, flavourings, processing aids and food contact materials, following the decision to...

Cloning animals for food not ethical, says EU body

Using cloned animals for production of food such as meat and milk is not justified, say experts on ethics reporting to the European Commission.

High compliance with new UK ad rules, says ASA

The UK's Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has reported a compliance level of 99.2 per cent with the new content rules on advertising food and drinks products aimed at children.

Germany plans allow GMOs in food labelled non-GM

The German ruling coalition has agreed to allow foods containing certain GM additives or using GM processing aids to still be labelled as non-GM if there is no alternative, in...

New novel foods rule could reduce delay

Changes to the European novel food regulation could bring the waiting time for approval down from around three years to just one, according to European Advisory Service.

Industry prepares to fight junk food ad watershed

As phase two of the UK's new rules on TV advertising of unhealthy foods targeted at children came into effect this week, the food industry is preparing to lock horns...

Doctors say no concern for folic acid fortification

Two scientific papers which have raised question marks over the safety of fortifying flour with folic acid to prevent neural tube defects in pregnancies provide no concern, UK doctors have...

Germany proposes GM approval overhaul

The German agriculture minister has suggested that the EU make decisions to approve genetically-modified plants in Europe purely on the basis of science and do away with political voting on...

GM rice incident showed flaws in contingency plans, say NGOs

Environmental campaigners urged the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) to improve its emergency system at yesterday's review meeting on the unauthorised GM rice incident.

EU given extra time to end GMO bans

The European Union yesterday won a two month extension for ending its ban on imports of genetically modified (GMO) foods.

Commission sets ball rolling for CAP reforms

The European Commission yesterday outlined reforms the bloc's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), proposing further measures aimed at weaning farmers off handouts and boosting commodity supplies.

IADSA fights for higher recommended levels of additives

Proposals on the suggested amounts of artificial colourings in food supplements are being drawn up for Codex because the current limits are too low, according to the International Alliance for...

FSA plans review of unauthorised GM rice

The Food Standards Agency is to review the handling of last year's GM rice incident, when unauthorised grain was found in samples of commercial batches on the UK market.

Deadline looms for decision on Austrian maize ban

The decision on whether to force Austria to lift its national ban on genetically modified maize now lies in the hands of the European Commission, after EU environment ministers failed...

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