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Agriculture ministers unanimous over fruit and veg reforms

EU agriculture ministers this week voted unanimously in favour of reforms to the Common Market Organisation for fruit and vegetables, which is expected to improve competitiveness, reduce crisis-driven fluctuations, and...

EU has opened door to GM in organics, say activists

Environmental groups have hit out at the new organic regulation on which EU agriculture ministers reached political agreement this week, claiming it opens the door for GMOs in organic foods.

Ministers vote favourably on new EU organic regulation

European agriculture ministers yesterday reached agreement over new organic regulation and labelling that will simplify the sector for farmers and consumers and is expected to help drive further development.

Processors nix proposal to charge fees for risk assessments

The EU's processors have called on the bloc's administrative arm to drop a proposal that would allow the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) to charge companies fees for assessments.

Stakeholders meet for health claim discussions

Stakeholders in the new European health claims initiative have met to discuss the technical and scientific aspects the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) draft guidance to applicants on the submission...

EFSA issues opinions on allergen-derived ingredients

The European Food Standards Authority has issued opinions on the likelihood of certain ingredients and additives causing allergic reactions, underscoring the importance of including full scientific data in dossiers to...

EU forum mulls alcohol ad reform

European alcohol producers will come under increased pressure to amend the way they target consumers, with the formation of a new EU health forum late last week.

Council to vote on fruit and veg reform compromise

The Agriculture council is gearing up for a vote on CAP reform for fruit and vegetables, hoped to take place tomorrow afternoon, following the circulation of a compromise paper that...

EU dairy undergoes CAP reform benefits

The European dairy industry is on course to rebound from a difficult 2006, as the detrimental affects of CAP reforms on milk production in 2003 begin to lift, says a...

Europe remains cautious on use of irradiation

Europe continues to lag behind in the use of irradiation, with only 10 member states approving facilities to process foods, according to the latest European Commission report released yesterday.

Commission adds to guidance on animal by-products

The European Commission has added more details to its guidance for industry on the EU's animal-byproducts directive.

Obesity white paper gives 3 years for self-regulation impact

The European Commission yesterday adopted a white paper setting out a European strategy on nutrition, overweight and obesity, including plans to review progress in three years.

Sarkozy signals support for farmers in trade talks

Newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called on other sides to make concessions in the WTO trade negotiations as well as Europe, and said he would not allow French...

Non-GMO driving Russian food price increase

New voluntary screening and voluntary 'No GMO!' labelling is driving up food prices in Moscow, according to reports, with food manufacturers complaining that the voluntary certification is becoming mandatory for...

Philippines outlines food export plan

The Philippines agriculture department plans to boost its food export capabilities as part of a new three year programme being discussed today.

EFSA publishes draft health claims guidance

The European Food Standards Authority has today published its draft guidance document for the submission of applications under the new nutrition and health claims regulation, giving the clearest insight yet...

Australian processors urged to drop the salt

Australian food processors and formulators are set to come under further pressure to reformulate their products as the country's latest "Drop The Salt!" campaign kicks off in Sydney today. ...

FSA board prepares to issue folic acid advice

The board of the UK's Food Standards Agency is set to agree on the advice it will give to health ministers on fortifying flour with folic acid on Thursday, following...

Splenda ad slogans banned in France

A European court has said that the marketing of the sweetener Splenda is misleading to consumers, and has ordered that its advertising slogans be ceased.

UK farmers bitter over altered sugar reform

Farmers in the UK have condemned the newly amended EU sugar restructuring scheme saying it will benefit processors rather than growers struggling to compete at the lower end of the...

EU customs agreement to cut out the paperwork

A new EU customs agreement in the making will cut out the paperwork and reduce the costs of importing and exporting goods, according to officials.

Weekly Comment

Ingredients for cheap?

As recent incidents of food contamination demonstrate, the cheapest source for ingredients may not turn out to be so cheap after all.

Whole grains and health claims: time for action

The new health claims regulation has rekindled interest in exploring the benefits of whole grains, said consultant Prof David Richardson, but there is a need for action to ensure grains...

US-EC trade framework may point way to Doha success

The outcome Doha trade talks may still be up in the air, but the two giants of the developed world, the US and Europe, this week reaffirmed their commitment to...

CAP code backlash highlights UK food ad divide

Ten organisations have voiced concerns over a new code for non-broadcast advertising of food products aimed at children in the UK, claiming that it is inadequate and will not reduce...

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