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Majority of recalls preventable, says UK consultancy

The majority of food recalls around the world are caused by preventable problems, with poor allergen control and failure to follow international standards as the major culprits, according to a...

Aspartame safe for consumption, food agency concludes

The EU's food safety agency today said aspartame is safe for consumption, contradicting a scientific study by the Ramazzini Foundation that claimed the artificial sweetener caused cancer.

Polish GM bill 'violates EU regulations'

The Polish parliament's proposed ban on the sale and registration, but apparently not planting, of biotech seeds, will likely violate EU regulations, according to a USDA foreign agricultural service GAIN...

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Working at self-regulation

Self-regulation has become the mantra of food groups who argue that laws are not always necessary - but can industry be trusted when it has failed so spectacularly in the...

Natural soy association vows to fight 'legislative vacuum'

The president of the European Natural Soy Association (ENSA) explains why soy food is stuck in a legislative vacuum, and why this must change.

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EU blasts US as free trade progress slips out of sight

The EU trade commissioner has today attacked the US as the 'biggest single block' to the successful completion of the Doha round of trade negotiations, casting doubts that a successful...

Free trade focus

Why EU banana reform doesn't please everyone

The current consultation on reform of the European banana market is designed to smooth out early teething difficulties of the new regime.

Codex meeting to debate standards on food additives

Representatives from around the world will meet next week in the Hague, the Netherlands to hash out a common agreement on international standards on food additives and contaminants.

GM food proposals could 'politicise' approvals process

A proposal designed to improve scientific consistency and transparency for decisions on GM food could 'politicise' the approvals process.

Global concern over new EU novel food regs

Proposed revision of the EU regulation on novel foods has aroused concern among several developing countries, according to the WTO.

UK task force studies measures against food fraud

The UK has set up a fraud task force to study how to beef up measures against the trade in illegal food.

Vending industry defends its role in tackling obesity

The vending industry must stop being used as a scapegoat if answers to the obesity crisis are to be found, claims EVA.

EC commissioner's GM comments 'irrelevant' says EuropaBio

Simon Barber, a director at EuropaBio, has issued a withering attack on EC commissioner Dimas' contribution to the ongoing GM conference in Vienna.

Food ads to kids to be restricted

Proposed guidelines to restrict food advertising directed at children will herald a new era of tighter regulatory control in the UK, according to food law experts at Eversheds.

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Salt debate leaves bitter taste

The current debate about the levels at which the UK's food regulator has set its salt reduction targets misses the point about how healthier eating habits can be achieved.

Time running out for global food trade breakthrough

Time is running out in the race to achieve an effective and long-lasting agreement on global agriculture and tariffs.

Food industry gives cautious welcome to salt targets

Newly published salt reduction targets have been cautiously welcomed by the UK food industry as being 'more realistic than the 2005 proposals', though health campaigners are furious.

Food industry meets ahead of new UK salt targets

The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) met with key industry players yesterday ahead of the anticipated launch of new salt targets.

Cereal suppliers cautious over new GM trade rules

The adoption of detailed documentation requirements for genetically modified (GM) food in the international trade of agricultural commodities has been met with caution by grain and cereal importers.

Law firm welcomes simplification of food regulations

Owen Warnock, partner and food law expert at law firm Eversheds, believes that UK plans to simplify the regulation and legislation of the food industry are to be welcomed.

Food industry calls for action to boost competitiveness

The EU's food industry yesterday called on political leaders to get behind a proposed economic growth programme for the bloc, especially in relation research, small and medium-sized businesses, energy policy...

EC rejects request to shelve GM foods separately

The European Commission has rejected a notification by Cyprus that required genetically modified foods to be displayed separately from non-GM foods in supermarkets.

Italy extends labelling law in protectionist stance

Italy has made country-of-origin labelling mandatory on some tomato products, another indication of the country's increasing trend towards making it harder for foreign food products to enter its market.

EC opposes EU-wide policy on GM crop co-existence

The development of EU-wide legislation on the co-existence of genetically modified crops with conventional and organic farming is not currently justified, according to a new report from the European Commission.

Commission reopens debate on new labelling legislation

The European Commission has reopened debate on harmonising and increasing legislation on food labelling across the bloc, a move that could potentially lead to greater costs for businesses.

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