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Food industry success tied to positive WTO outcome

Europe's food industry will significantly benefit from a satisfactory WTO agreement, but for this to happen the EU must maintain its multilateral approach and issues such as export support must...

Biotech industry slams EU Council GMO ruling

EuropaBio has slammed the EU Agricultural Council's decision to uphold a Greek ban on genetically modified (GM) corn, claiming that the judgement flies in the face of EFSA advice on...

EU ministers fail to clear GM food ingredient

EU farm ministers clash yet again on the contentious issue of GM food ingredients, failing to clear a new GMO corn from US biotech firm for import into the EU...

Risk assessment on EU flavours throws up data holes

Europe's watchdog continues to wade through the risk assessment of 1000 flavouring substances, concluding that seven out of eight in the latest batch need more data to determine 'reliable exposure'.

Food industry still wary after 'Cheeseburger Bill' victory

This week's passage of the so-called Cheeseburger Bill looks like a straightforward victory for food makers, but the industry should still be wary over the possibility of future litigation.

Brussels calls for maximum level comments on chemical contaminant in soy sauce

European Commission calls for comments ahead of April Codex meeting on proposed maximum levels of the potentially carcinogenic chemical contaminant 3-MCPD in hydrolysed vegetable protein and soy sauces.

France fails to halt EU subsidy cuts for WTO

EU moves to cut agricultural subsidies survived a French-led revolt in an emergency Council of Ministers meeting Tuesday, but calls for closer scrutiny of Commission negotiations could still dash a...

Europe's food agency investigates harmful PAHs in food

Europe's food agency calls on scientists across the food industry to contribute data on the potentially carcinogenic compounds Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) identified in foods.

MP urges passage of junk food bill

Junk food adverts targeted directly at kids must be banned if the UK is to seriously tackle the issue of childhood obesity, claims an MP.

Danisco seeks clearance for bakery enzyme in Australia

Changes to Australia's food code continue, with the nation's food agency calling on companies and organisations to comment on a host of new proposals, including applications from DSM Nutritional and...

EU attacked for raising sugar exports

Sugar reform may yet hijack December's WTO talks as Australia, Brazil and Thailand again accuse the EU of shirking its obligations by planning to increase sugar exports by two million...

Illegal food colour still poses risk to food chain

Efforts to detect carcinogenic colours in foodstuffs still a priority for the food industry as Europe's risk system flags up illegal red colours in spices from India.

Dairy group slams FSA's nutrition profiling plan

Nutrition profiling proposals from the UK's food watchdog would put milk in the same health bracket as diet coke and make breast milk unsuitable for children, claims a dairy industry...

EU seeks to break deadlock in banana dispute

A second round of WTO arbitration on the EU's proposal for a new import tariff for bananas could finally put an end to a long-running trade dispute.

CAP is vital to food industry future, says Ahern

Ireland's prime minister Bertie Ahern has called for the food industry to support the CAP, at a time when the system is coming under intense criticism.

Weekly Comment

Food law: friend or foe?

The food industry is in danger of harming itself with its recent lobbying against the further harmonisation and deepening of EU food regulation.

Arla's tagatose sweetener a step closer to European market

Low calorie sweetener tagatose could soon hit European supermarket shelves in a host of formulations as the UK's food agency clears the way for Europe-wide approval.

National Starch seeks EU novel food status for dietary fibre

National Starch seeks to tap into the growing dietary fibre market, applying for EU approval of a resistant starch as a novel food ingredient.

Sudan Red testing a priority for food makers to cut risk

More than six months after the sudan food colour debacle struck the UK, the authorities are still detecting the illegal ingredient, and potential carcinogen, in food formulations.

EU approval marks market entry for Palatinit energy ingredient

Food and drink makers developing functional, ready to drink and instant formulas could gain from European Commission approval for the slow-release carbohydrate isomaltulose supplied by German firm Palatinit.

Cheese enzyme and phytosterol under scrutiny in Australian food law

Amendments to Australia's food code continue, with the nation's food agency calling on companies and organisations to comment on a host of new proposals, including the addition of phytosterols to...

Food watchdog backs tough country of origin rules

Australia's food watchdog has abandoned its 'information on request' approach to the country of origin labelling of food, proposing instead a package of measures to provide consumers with tighter information.

FSA to discuss transition of BSE rules

The UK's food standards agency will meet next week to discuss a new BSE testing system trialled earlier this year as part of a managed transition towards replacing the Over...

Contamination concerns force new Basmati regulations

UK rice importers have signed up to a new code of practice aimed at reassuring consumers that rice labelled and sold as 'Basmati' is the real deal.

FSA targets salt reduction in prepared foods

The UK's food standards agency wants to set UK targets for levels of salt in a wide range of foods following growing concern over salt intake.

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