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EU ministers fail to approve GM food crop

European environment ministers failed to back a proposal to bring a GM food crop designed by US biotech giant Monsanto onto the EU market.

Food additives and GM foods to change status in Australian food code?

Australia and New Zealand consider changes to their food code, inviting stakeholders to pass comment on a raft of propositions from food additive approvals to labelling requirements.

Food alerts underline safety needs

The number of food-linked alerts in the European Union leapt by over 40 per cent in 2003 on the previous year, with the majority sourced in the 'old' member states.

Traces of illegal red colour identified in UK

UK food agency continues work to minimise risk to the food chain recalling within one week two different product ranges contaminated with an illegal red dye.

Russia hauls food regulations into line with EU

A new Russian food standard (GOST) concerning consumer information on packaged food products is due to come into force on 1 January 2005. Angela Drujinina looks at how the change...

More recalls for illegal red food colour

An illegal red colour identified in a popular food oil prompts a recall in the UK, the latest in a series of similar moves by the country's food watchdog.

Sugar reform splits EU opinion

Plans for EU sugar reform are unfair and would only benefit the biggest producers, say 10 member states as new discussions split opinions across Europe,reports Chris Mercer.

Sucralose tabletop product in US court over advertising

Merisant, the US maker of tabletop sweetener Equal and NutraSweet, takes the marketer of sugar subsitute Splenda McNeil Nutritionals to court, alleging advertising for the product is misleading.

EFSA issues GM guidance

A panel of experts at the EU's food risk assessment agency have completed a guidance document for GM ingredient suppliers.

Monsanto GM ingredient rejected

EU environmental experts yesterday voted against proposals to overturn the bans of genetically modified (GM) crops in five countries, at the same time the group failed to reach a majority...

EFSA defends GM panel

Europe's food watchdog defends its independent risk advice as environmental group Friends of the Earth raises concerns over the scientific opinions on genetically modified food crops.

Infant foods in mycotoxin safety limits

Food safety reaffirmed with infant foods in the UK strapped into the legal limits for fungal contamination, finds a recent survey from the UK's food watchdog.

Third EU GM food approval on the way?

A third source of GM ingredients could soon be cleared by Europe as officials meet to discuss to clear approval for a corn designed by biotech giant Monsanto.

Food agency communicates on mycotoxins

Europe comes closer to rubber stamping harmonised controls for controlling mycotoxins in the food chain and the Scottish food agency offers stakeholders a snapshot of recent talks.

More research on allergy risk of peanut oil

The primary food agency in Europe responsible for assessing risks to the food chain concludes that more information on the potential adverse reaction of peanut oil, used in food production,...

Canada gears up to further reduce trans fat

Health Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada have set up a task force to examine the best ways of reducing trans fats.

UK: sudan recall continues

UK food watchdog pinpoints the potentially carcinogenic red dye Sudan IV in more palm oil products this week as the roll call of recalled food products tips the 250 mark.

EFSA experts measure food contact risk

A panel of experts at Europe's food agency has come up with a list of substances cleared for food contact materials.

Sudan food recall grows

Red, potentially carcinogenic, dyes continue to dog the UK food chain with the food watchdog last week highlighting a further batch of products for recall.

Dioxin scare highlights value of EU tracking system

EU health commissioner David Byrne has expressed his confidence in the food chain as a contamination scare highlights the value of traceability and the progress made in reducing risks to...

Xanthan gum labels clarified in US

Clearing up any confusion over food labels, US food authorities have given the green light for food ingredients firms to use ethanol in precipitating food grade xanthan gum and to...

EFSA clears flavourings

A risk assessment of 1000 flavouring substances is underway at Europe's food agency with a first slice of 77 substances cleared on genotoxic and carcinogenic criteria.

EFSA clears Monsanto corn, again

Europe's food watchdog reaffirms the safety of a GM sweetcorn designed by biotech giant Monsanto on the back of new evidence submitted by German scientists.

Unilever applies for ice structuring protein approval

Changes to the new food code in Australia and New Zealand are underway as the food agency for the two countries calls for comment from industry, government and consumers on...

More palm oil pulled from UK shelves

The list of palm oil products to be pulled from the UK supermarket shelves is growing on a weekly basis. The country's food watchdog has identified the illegal carcinogen Sudan...

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