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France moves to ban wood chip wine flavouring

French wine authorities have laid down plans to ban the controversial use of wood chips in higher quality appellation controllee wine, after the practice was approved by the European Commission.

EU food companies scramble to submit health claims

European food companies are already being asked to submit health claims for approval to agencies at national level, following the adoption of the new EU regulation on nutrition and health...

EC proposes compulsory GM rice testing

The EC is set to ask food safety experts to impose compulsory tests on all US long-grain rice imports to prove the absence of illegal biotech strains.

OECD: agriculture reform in everyone's interests

A successful outcome from the currently suspended Doha Development Round of WTO trade negotiations is still possible, but agriculture remains a key issue of difficulty.

Nutrition and health claims regulation adopted at last

Following months of wrangling and a last minute delay, the new EU regulation on nutrition and health claims was finally adopted yesterday by the EU Council of Ministers and looks...

FSA scrutinises EC food improvements package

The UK's FSA is holding a formal consultation on four proposals within the Food Improvement Agents Package that could affect numerous food makers.

Food ad ban 'not supported' says UK's FDF

Consumers don't want a 9pm watershed on food advertising to children, according to the UK's Food and Drink Federation.

WTO GM food ruling ignores safety question

The WTO has ruled that the EU's GM food ban was illegal, but has failed to uphold some of the charges levelled by the US, Canada and Argentina.

EC comments on Codex food additive standards

The EC has commented on Codex's proposed new food additive standards.

EU court throws out sodium gluconate cartel appeal

The European Court of First Instance has dismissed an appeal against the EC's decision in October 2001 to fine a global sodium gluconate cartel.

European Court upholds fines for citric acid cartel

The European Court of First Instance confirmed this week that Jungbunzlauer (JBL) and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) engaged in an illegal citric acid price fixing cartel, and has as...

Isomalt achieves Novel Food approval from China

The sugar replacer Isomalt has become the first non-Chinese food to pass the Novel Food approval process set by the Chinese Ministry of Health, according to maker Palatinit.

UK support for sugar reform revealed

The UK's food and farming minister has revealed how almost £500 million of additional support for sugar reform will be incorporated within the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) over the next...

FSA vitamin and mineral response ready for minister sign-off

The board of the UK's Food Standards Agency yesterday agreed the draft response to the EC discussion document on vitamin and mineral levels with only minor changes, paving the way...

EC adopts 'overdue' banana support reforms

The European Commission has adopted 'long overdue' proposals to reform the support arrangements for EU banana producers.

EU votes on GM canola seed approval

A certain type of Canadian canola seed could be approved today for import into the European Union by spring 2007.

EC analyses GM rice contamination controversy

The EC's Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health has now discussed the possible illegal GM contamination of long grain rice imports from the US.

Obesity task force demands action on internet junk food ads

Children should be protected from exploitative marketing techniques used on the Internet, according to a new report from the International Obesity Task Force.

FSA seeks opinion on additive, enzyme and flavour regs

The FSA is seeking comments on proposed European Commission regulations that would establish a common authorisation procedure for food additives, food enzymes and food flavourings.

FSAI bans GM rice, US farmers sue Bayer

The FSAI is to implement a ban on the import of certain US long grain rice products unless certificates declaring them to be free of unauthorised GM rice accompany them.

EC blocks 'illegal' GM rice imports from US

The EC adopted a decision this week requiring imports of long grain rice from the USA to be certified as free from the unauthorised GMO LL Rice 601.

Japan natamycin approval opens door to Far East

Japan recently announced its approval of natamycin, an antimycotic used in cheese and meat production.

European patent laws a 'competitive disadvantage'

The EU has been urged to subsidise patent applications for young innovative companies in order to ensure that Europe's biotech and agricultural sectors remain competitive.

Conference tackles issue of EU food law changes

An upcoming EFSA-hosted conference will focus on recent legislative initiatives that will significantly impact the food sector.

Rich world to blame for Doha breakdown, says FAO

The Doha Round of global agriculture negotiations collapsed mainly because of infighting between large and powerful countries, corporations and lobbies, said the FAO this week.

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