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EU demands proof that US grain imports free of illegal GM ingredient

Forcing the traceability card, the European Union has voted to block imports of certain US grain unless they prove they are free of the genetically modified maize Bt10,reports Lindsey Partos....

Illegal GM ingredient Bt10 unlikely to pose risk, says EFSA

Vulnerabilities in the international food chain are evident as an unapproved genetically modified corn leaks into feed, flour and oils; but Europe's food safety agency says this week the illegal...

Australia joins calls for trans fat labels

Trans fat concerns hit Australia with consumer groups calling for trans fat to be highlighted on food labels after more than a third of 50 food products tested had levels...

Reducing risk on Bacillus cereus to food chain, EFSA opinion

Investigating the risk of food poisoning to the consumer by the prevalent bacteria Bacillus cereus, European scientific experts find the majority of reported outbreaks were linked to the consumption of...

Europe's alert system highlights aflatoxin risk to EU food chain

The EU's food-linked risk alert system has been bombarded in one week by the detection of potentially carcinogenic aflatoxins in nearly 40 food products on sale in the European market,...

Costs rise for food makers as paper trail on sudan 1 extends to turmeric and palm oil

Costs will rise for food makers using spice and oil users as officials in Brussels vote to extend test controls for the illegal red dye sudan 1, writes Lindsey Partos.

Turmeric and palm oil likely to need 'sudan-free' certificates for EU entry

Scientific experts at the European Commission will vote this morning on emergency measures to ensure that tumeric and palm oil are checked at European entry ports to verify they are...

Codex discusses trans fats and GM ingredients

Global labelling rules for genetically modified food ingredients as well as trans fatty acid labels are on the agenda at an upcoming Codex meeting in Malaysia.

Sudan 1 contamination expands in UK food chain

One month on, UK food watchdog extends the already massive recall of food products contaminated by the illegal, red food dye sudan 1.

Aflatoxin detected in UK spice trail

UK food agency finds high levels of the mycotoxins aflatoxin and ochratoxin A in the spice supply chain.

Casein and maltodextrins exceptions to EU allergen label

Paving the way for new allergen labelling rules obligatory later this year, Brussels has published a list of non-allergenic derivatives of allergenic food ingredients for which there are labelling exceptions,...

European Commission backs GM ingredients framework, despite discord

GM ingredients are here to stay as Brussels confirms 'full confidence' in the regulatory framework that controls the entry of biotech foodstuffs into the European food chain, reports Lindsey Partos.

Unilever seeks approval for ice structuring protein

The food code in Australia is under review as food maker Unilever Australia calls for approval of an ice structuring protein (ISP) used to make ice cream and edible ices.

Asian food safety bodies scrutinise system post-sudan 1

Asian food safety authorities concerned by the massive sudan 1 recall in the UK are taking a closer look at their own food chains, launching new investigations to detect the...

European Commission takes stock of GM food ingredients

The role of GMO food ingredients in European society hits the round table as the Commission discusses the way forward at a meeting today in Brussels, reports Lindsey Partos.

Texturant unit at Degussa spears China as new facility opens up

Despite the shadow of an impending sale, German hydrocolloid supplier Degussa is moving up a gear in the burgeoning Chinese market, opening a new production unit to ramp up supplies...

EU food safety structure a barrier to trade?

With food safety a major priority in Europe, some third countries are concerned that issues like organic, dioxin and GM foods could become barriers to trade, according to CORDIS.

Sudan 1: knowledge gaps in traceability?

The massive sudan 1 food product recall in the UK demonstrates that the food industry has traceability mechanisms in place, but suggestions that the large majority of industry professionals are...

Lobbyists face EU sugar reform struggle

EU Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel has dealt a blow to sugar reform lobbyists across Europe and developing countries by voicing her opposition to special arrangements for different states when...

Smoked meats: food makers to watch carcinogen PAH levels

Nearly a third of smoked meats may not meet targets set by Brussels for incoming rules on the levels of potentially carcinogenic PAH compounds.

Europe delays vote on GM sweetcorn, again

EU environment experts opt to delay a vote on the entry of a GM sweetcorn into the European food chain, revealing ongoing divisions between member states over biotech food ingredients,writes...

Sudan 1 recall peaked?

The UK food watchdog has extended the already massive recall of food products contaminated by the harmful, and illegal, red food dye sudan 1: but the tailing off of figures...

Post sudan 1, EU publishes traceability guide for food firms

In the wake of the sudan 1 crisis that led to nearly 600 food product recalls in the UK in recent weeks, Brussels gives a helping hand to the food...

Europe's food agency clears first GM sweetcorn for cultivation

Current divisions in Europe over biotech food ingredients strengthened last week after the Union's food watchdog paves the way for the cultivation of a GM maize after the first ever...

Sudan 1 recall spreads to China

Vulnerabilities in the food chain through globalisation evident as the sudan 1 food recall, that has racked the UK food industry in recent weeks, spread to China with reports that...

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