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Tougher fines for most serious food crimes

Businesses found guilty of corporate manslaughter and the most serious food crimes will face tougher fines under new guidelines published today (November 3).

French retailers unveil alternative nutrition label

French retailers have unveiled an alternative 'simplified' nutrition label which rivals the five-coloured label and banishes the red traffic light that they cast as discriminatory against certain foods.

Scottish campaign to cut food poisoning and waste

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has launched a campaign to improve consumer understanding of food labels in a bid to reduce food poisoning cases and food waste.

EU Parliament votes in new novel food rules – or did it?

New rules on novel food were finally voted in yesterday in a European Parliament plenary, while some confusion remains about the adoption of certain amendments.

EU sugar reform will damage public health, warn researchers

The EU sugar reform will harm public health by flooding the market with cheap sugar and tempting manufacturers to reformulate – an agricultural policy that takes into account public health is needed,...

Counterfeit food and beverages detained jumps 50%

Foodstuffs, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages detained by EU customs authorities jumped more than 50% over a one year period.

World first standard for sustainable rice launched

This week has seen the launch of the world's first United Nations-backed standard for sustainable rice cultivation.

European Parliament votes down draft GM proposal

The European Parliament has rejected the European Commission’s current proposals to allow individual countries to restrict or ban the sale and use of already approved genetically modified food and feed....

Is RSPO certification becoming irrelevant?

Companies are increasingly demanding certified palm oil using criteria that are stricter than current RSPO standards – does the mean the RSPO certification is in danger of becoming irrelevant?

Botanical health claims & nutrient profiles make Commission’s list of 2016 priorities

Botanical health claims and nutrient profiles will be looked at as one of the European Commission’s key 23 initiatives next year.

European beekeepers take Commission to court over pesticide

European beekeepers have brought legal action against the Commission for allowing Sulfoxaflor, a pesticide that EFSA deemed potentially harmful to bees and is banned in the US, to be used...

WHO report adds processed meats to list of cancer causing agents

Regular consumption of processed meat products does cause cancer, according to a new World Health Organisation (WHO) report that puts prepared and cured meat products on its list of cancer-causing...

Public Health England report: Key points and reactions

"No single action will be effective in reducing sugar intakes," concludes Public Health England's report which recommends cutting price promotions, junk food advertising and setting a sugar tax. We look at...

‘Fundamental lack of awareness’ over date labels

The food and drink industry must do more to educate people over a “fundamental lack of awareness” about the difference between best-before and use-by-dates in a bid to tackle food...

Partially hydrogenated and fully confused: How to protect Europeans from trans fats?

Seven European countries are capping industrially-produced trans fatty acids in food – but if they are so harmful why not ban them outright?

Fishy business: Europe paid 600% too much for foreign fish, say auditors

The EU paid up to six times too much for fish under its flagship ‘fishing partnership agreements’, a new report by the Court of Auditors has said.

Canada lifts ban on EU beef imports

Canada has lifted a ban on beef and processed beef from 19 EU member states which has been in place since the 1996 BSE scare.

Public Health England tells UK government: Sugar taxes do work

All the evidence shows that sugar taxes decrease purchases and curb obesity– but restricting price promotions and junkfood advertising could have an even bigger impact, concludes Public Health England's report...

Industry must boost social protection for rural farmers: FAO

Rural poverty is the theme of this year’s World Food Day but agriculture in itself is not enough to end hunger, says the FAO – social protection is vital to protecting...

Industry asks to Europe to legislate against trans fats in open letter

An open letter from major manufacturers including Nestlé and Mondelēz has called on the European Commission to legislate an EU-wide limit for the amount of industrially produced trans fats in...

Watch it live: EXPO Milan food waste conference

Leading experts and policy makers have come together at the EXPO Milan for a high level, international conference titled "Fight Food Waste, Feed the Planet!". Watch it live and join...

Another status quo for the European organic sector?

EU organic legislation was supposed to dynamise the sector – but with the agricultural committee’s proposal yesterday deemed another status quo by organic groups, is future investment in the organic...

Commission to focus on food waste initiatives as survey shows lack of public understanding

The European Commission is set to put focus on food waste at EXPO Milan after a Eurobarometer survey published today showed that date marking is poorly understood by many European...

‘Enjoy, it's from Europe’: New programme set to promote EU agriculture in 2016

A new €111 million programme aims to help European food producers find new markets outside the European Union and promote consumption of agri-food products within the EU.

ENVI Committee rejects GM imports ‘opt out’ proposal

A European Parliament committee has voted against a draft EU law that would enable countries to restrict or prohibit the sale and use of EU-approved GMO food or feed on...

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