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Fipronil: MEPs slam delays and call for accountability

MEPs have criticised member states for delays and called for accountability during the fipronil in eggs crisis.

Novozymes gets EFSA green light for two glucose syrup enzymes

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has given the green light for two Novozymes enzymes used to make glucose syrup.

Post-Brexit supply chain disruption will lead to ‘gaps on food shelves’, BRC warns

Flexibility and imagination may be in short supply during ongoing Brexit talks but the UK also faces the prospect of ‘gaps on food shelves’ if a deal is not agreed,...


Cheap food has expensive consequences but how can we make 'better' food?

Cheap food has expensive consequences for people and the planet's health but how can we make healthier and more sustainable food a reality for a global population? Grass-root movements will...

EU opens comment period on draft BPA regulation

The European Commission has opened a comment period on draft regulation to crackdown on bisphenol A (BPA) limits.

Part two: Sciex, Eurofins, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Analysis of pesticides in egg products will have higher priority after fipronil

Analysis of pesticides in egg products is likely to have a higher priority in future following the fipronil scandal, according to labs.

Italy introduces country of origin labels for pasta and rice

Rice and pasta products on sale in Italy will be required to carry country of origin labels from February.

Healthiest products should be tariff-free post Brexit, says Sugarwise

The market for low- and no-sugar brands could shrink if tariffs are slapped on products after Brexit, according to Sugarwise.

Should Europe follow in UK footsteps with childhood obesity strategy?

As the UK’s childhood obesity strategy turned one last week, health campaigners lined up their critiques of the first 365 days. However, the government managed to sidestep any bad press...

Brexit: Food sector warns on worker shortages

UK food makers have issued a warning on the “significant disruption” that will ensue if the sector is hit by a drop in the number of EU workers in the...

Europe’s farmers, food makers call for action on ‘unfair trading’

Farmers and food manufacturers are renewing calls for the European Commission to tackle alleged unfair trading practices and address the imbalance of power in the food supply chain.

Brexit talks must reduce risk of goods in ‘legal limbo’ say BRC

The British Retail Consortium, who stress the need to remove the risk of goods left in “legal limbo”, has welcomed the UK government’s approach to exported foods to the EU...

Food processors 'deceive consumers', say Norwegians as pressure mounts to introduce ombudsman

Pressure is mounting on Norway’s government to introduce an ombudsman to oversee a food supply chain that is increasingly dominated by a few major players.

Nutrient density on food labels could boost healthy choices – research

Researchers have suggested that the addition of Nutrient Rich Food Indices to food labels could help consumers make healthier purchasing decisions.

Acrylamide laws will not prohibit traditional foods, says Commission

Europe’s pending new acrylamide regulation will not prohibit certain traditional foods or culinary traditions, the Commission has said, following concerns raised by EU politicians.

UK targets calories in next phase of childhood obesity plan

The UK has set its sights on foods with a high calorie count as it updates the country’s childhood obesity plan, which previously focused on sugar reduction.

UK targets open Irish border for food after Brexit

The UK government has said it wants to reach a deal that will see “no hard border in the movement of goods” between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland...

EC wants to build a ‘fairer food supply chain’

The European Commission is launching a public consultation on how Europe’s food supply chain can be made “fairer”.

Cut subsidies for unhealthy commodities and regulate junk food marketing, says World Bank

Subsidies and other price support mechanisms for unhealthy ingredients should be scrapped and laws should be introduced to regulate the marketing of unhealthy food to children, according to research published...

Food industry gives cautious reception to UK-EU customs plan

The UK government’s approach for an interim Customs Union to protect business from a 'cliff edge' post-Brexit has been given a warm, if cautious, reception from food industry representatives.

Food safety ‘highest priority’ in post-Brexit trade deals

With concern mounting that post-Brexit free trade agreements could hit food safety standards in the UK, a government spokesperson insists food safety issues are of the “highest priority” to future...

Dutch arrests made as fipronil egg scare spreads to 17 markets

Authorities in the Netherlands are holding two suspects as part of the ongoing criminal investigation into the fipronil egg contamination scandal that has now spread to 15 European countries as...

Netherlands and Belgium face-off in fipronil spat

Authorities in the Netherlands have denied claims from their Belgian counterparts that they were aware of fipronil contamination in eggs as early as 2016 as a food safety scare in...

Greece looking into protection of the name Greek yogurt

Greece’s Ministry of Agriculture is setting up a working group to coordinate information on the production of Greek yogurt.

Brexit an opportunity to stamp ‘British-made’ on food, NFU insist

Policy-makers must take Brexit as an opportunity to enhance the UK’s ability to produce British food, according to the president of the National Farmers Union (NFU). 

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