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Natural and clean label

Natural and clean label

Consumers have spoken: You can't beat natural. Food companies are working at-the-double to provide them with foods that are safe, tasty, and top quality, with ingredients lists as 'clean' as can be.

Dairy alternative drinks move into the mainstream

Dairy alternative drinks are moving out of the specialist health food sector and into the mainstream – and it’s not all about soy anymore, according to market research firm Innova...


FoodNavigator predicts top five industry drivers in 2013

As the New Year dawns, FoodNavigator predicts the top five factors likely to be the biggest drivers of the European food industry in the year ahead.

Food makers turn to natural antioxidant blends to manage price spikes

Food manufacturers looking to extend shelf life with natural antioxidants have started using blended ingredients in an effort to deal with spiralling raw material costs, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Gourmet fruit range targets artisan chocolatiers and bakers

Taura Natural Ingredients has developed a range of natural concentrated fruit pieces to specifically target and cater to the needs of artisan chocolatiers and bakers.

‘No way back’ from natural colour trend, says Nestlé scientist

The trend toward natural colours for foods, drinks and sweets is here to stay – but raises huge technical challenges, according to Steve Tolliday, principal product technologist at Nestlé’s Product...

Hot New Beverage Concepts for 2013: Episode One

The CEO of beverage development and innovation company MyDrink Beverages tells why his firm's new non-alcoholic beverage concepts for 2013 could take the market by storm...

Stevia has ‘fundamentally changed the sweetener market’: ISC president

Consumers around the world are embracing the zero-calorie, natural credentials of stevia-derived sweeteners – and the European market is about to take off, according to Zanna McFerson, president of the...

Special edition: Free-from foods

Consumers equate ‘free-from’ with health: EUFIC

‘Free-from’ has become synonymous with healthy food for a large number of consumers – but how that affects shopping habits remains uncertain, according to EUFIC’s Dr Sophie Hieke.


Chr. Hansen sees red in Asia as vibrant natural colors ‘step off the shelf’

Chr. Hansen says it has high hopes in Asia and elsewhere for its new natural coloring ingredient for beverages, Ultra Stable Red, and claims investing in natural colors strips out...

Sensient’s natural apple flavors to plug ‘positive nutrition’ desires

Sensient Flavors LLC has developed a new range of natural apple flavors to plug consumer demands for fruit varietals as ‘positive nutrition’ takes hold.

How consumer-friendly are hydrocolloids?

Many hydrocolloids are among the most clean label ingredients there are, but how do consumers perceive them?

Kampffmeyer asks: What does clean label mean to consumers?

More than three-quarters of European consumers want foods without chemical additives and most say they are willing to pay more for additive-free foods, according to a new survey carried out...

EHL introduces lemon myrtle for UK food manufacturers

EHL Ingredients has introduced the Australian herb lemon myrtle to the UK market, touting it as a natural, organic ingredient with lemon and basil notes that could be used in...

Royal DSM to acquire Cargill’s enzymes and cultures business

Royal DSM has said it will acquire Cargill’s enzymes and cultures business in an all-cash deal worth €85m.

Special edition: Natural sweeteners

Sweet innovation: Looking back to move forward with natural sweeteners

Learning the lessons from the commercialisation of stevia and monkfruit can help new innovations and the search for new natural sweetening compounds and plant extracts, according to one expert in...

‘Connect the dots globally’ for local stevia launches, says PureCircle

Stevia-sweetened products have been rolled out across the globe over the past few years, meaning that new product developers now have access to a whole world of learning opportunities, according...

Special edition: Natural sweeteners

‘Stevia is not exactly the most natural sounding product’: Leatherhead analyst

Stevia may have been hailed by manufacturers as a promising natural solution for cutting calories in a range of foods and beverages, but what do consumers think?

Nexira buys Tournay as it drives expansion plans

French botanicals and ingredients supplier, Nexira, has made good its promise to expand its portfolio and operations by acquiring fellow French firm, Tournay Biotechnologies, for an undisclosed cash sum.

Rhodia launches intense vanilla flavors for chocolate and bakery

Rhodia Aroma Performance has introduced a range of intense vanilla flavors that it claims allows manufacturers to differentiate products and mask off-notes.

Natural sweetener demand drives Galam Group to triple R&D activity

Israel-based firm Galam Group has said it is tripling its R&D capabilities to provide comprehensive sweetener solutions for food manufacturers – especially as they look to capitalise on the potential...

Stevia set to be a ‘mass volume, mainstream ingredient’, says PureCircle after striking deal with Coca-Cola

PureCircle says it is one step closer to establishing its high-purity stevia as a “mass volume, mainstream ingredient” after signing a joint development and supply agreement with soft drinks giant...

RTS identifies growing market for natural flavour materials

Market research firm RTS has identified a burgeoning market for natural flavour materials as companies increasingly move away from artificial ingredients – but its first report on the market is...

Purac touts its lactic acid ingredient for stabilising anthocyanin colours

Purac researchers have said that the company’s natural purified lactic acid ingredient reduces the fading of natural red-purple colours from anthocyanins in acidified foods and beverages by up to 50%...

Gluten-free binding system plugs market demand: Kampffmeyer

Kampffmeyer Food Innovation has developed two gluten-free functional flours for use in soups and sauces, in light of industry demands for allergen-free binding systems.

Stevia in transition: Reb A accounted for 40% of PureCircle revenues in 2012 v 90% in 2009

Further evidence that steviol glycoside Reb A is no longer the only game in town when it comes to delivering high intensity natural sweetness has emerged in PureCircle’s full-year results,...