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Natural and clean label

Consumers have spoken: You can't beat natural. Food companies are working at-the-double to provide them with foods that are safe, tasty, and top quality, with ingredients lists as 'clean' as can be.

Dispatches from Israel

Galam Group rolls out soy-based formulations from NutriGal

Galam Group is rolling out a range of soy-based formulations to address demand for textural and gluten free solutions globally following its acquisition of Italy’s NutriGal in 2008.

Synergy builds on appetite for street foods

Global flavours house Synergy is launching street food inspired natural seasoning blends for snack foods, building on growing demand for such flavours from the food industry and consumers.

DuPont launches natural antioxidant blend

DuPont Nutrition & Health has followed the launch of natural metal chelator Guardian Chelox L in the US with a version containing rosemary extract, an antioxidant, tailored to European markets....

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2012

Omega-3 suppliers must know their consumers

Omega-3 suppliers must get to grips with their manufacturing customers and with consumers if they are to market their products successfully, according to Virpi Varjonen, executive consultant at commercialisation agents...

China invests in Dutch additives firm Siveele

Dutch food additives firm Siveele will benefit from considerable investment in the business from Chinese manufacturer Pangbo Biological Engineering, with preservatives being one focus for future development.

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2012

LycoRed aims new products at all-natural trend

LycoRed is facing a wave of consumers demanding natural alternatives to existing colours and is responding with new formulations in addition to broader product development.

Mühlenchemie launches guar gum replacers

Flour treatment firm Mühlenchemie has launched a new guar gum replacer range for the bakery industry, which it claims is superior to pure hydrocolloids such as locust bean or tara...

Exclusive interview

Ulrick & Short: non-GM sourcing getting tougher

UK-based Ulrick & Short is committed to non-genetically modified (GM) ingredients and is redoubling efforts to source them, although that task is becoming tougher, according to director Adrian Short.

Aluminium-free colours range fits impending EU law: Sensient

German colours specialist, Sensient, has an aluminium-free colour range that it says will plug demands defined by the impending EU law to reduce aluminium levels in foods.

Taste receptor discovery could help industry ease the bitter taste of stevia

The discovery of a taste receptor that controls the bitter flavour notes associated with stevia could lead industry to new ways to improve the taste of the natural sweetener, suggest...

Revolutionary instant fruit coffee has 'global potential' – UK startup INO

UK firm INO claims to have created a coffee sub-category with ‘global potential’ by creating the first instant coffee fusing organic fruit with coffee beans using a trademarked method.

Europe debates stevia’s ‘natural’ claims

Discussion continues over whether stevia compounds in food and drink products can be labelled as ‘natural’, with the weight of opinion favouring ‘from a natural source’ as a descriptor.

LycoRed to target Eastern Europe

LycoRed plans to target Eastern Europe for sales growth, according to newly appointed global vice president of marketing and sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa Frederic Nanquette.

Wild targets regional tastes with strawberry launch

Manufacturers of fruit gums, milk cream fillings and ice cream can now benefit from a range of natural strawberry flavours that has just been launched by flavours firm Wild in...

Kampffmeyer outlines benefits of Meyerhans deal

Manufacturers of baked goods and other foods in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein will benefit from extended services and capacity following the sales partnership between Kampffmeyer Food Innovation (KFI) and Meyerhans...

Interest in methylcellulose intensifies in EU

EU dairy and beverage manufacturers may have access to another form of the dietary fibre methylcellulose, which induces feelings of fullness ­– or satiety – if a novel foods application...

Chr Hansen shares jump 9% on strong H1 profits

First half EBIT profits for 2011-12 surged 19% to €83m at Chr Hansen as it shrugged off the effects of severe fluctuations in the price of red colorant carmine, and...

Natural emulsifiers ‘not good enough’ to work on their own, says formulation expert

Natural ingredients that claim to have emulsifying properties do not, as yet, have good enough functionality to be able to use them in most products, according to one formulation expert.

Whey protein lent healthy ageing opportunity with new research: Volac

Europe’s largest whey protein supplier Volac claims that new scientific research backs the ingredient’s healthy ageing benefits for older consumers, and the need for ‘tailored nutrition strategies’ to meet their...

Mustard seed waste may offer natural preservative promise

A new method to extract compounds from 'low value' mustard seed waste could provide industry with a new source for natural food preservatives, according to a team of Canadian researchers....

Coke confirms new French stevia sightings through major EU launches

The Coca-Cola Company has confirmed to that it has launched stevia-sweetened varieties of Sprite and Nestea in France with 30% less sugar – the first roll-out using its headline...

News in brief

Sensient Flavors hopes customers will melt at new seasonal ice cream concepts

Sensient Flavors has launched new ice cream concepts that allow manufacturers to offer products that fit with seasonal consumer preferences, using fruit preparations with a 'fresh and healthy' appeal and...

Industry is missing the point when it comes to air, says innovation expert

There's a lot of gas about using natural and sustainable ingredients in foods, but is industry throwing one free and natural ingredient out of the window without considering its potential?

CODEX-sanctioned gluten testing method may ‘underestimate’ values in hydrolysed foods such as beer, researcher claims

Spanish researchers claim to have developed a cheaper, faster and more accurate method for detecting gluten levels in hydrolysed foods, and found that numerous products tested, including beers, using their...

Natural and functional formulations could learn from salt, fat, and sugar reduction technologies, says Leatherhead expert

Technical solutions used for the reduction of salt, fat, and sugar could offer the food industry additional opportunities when it comes formulating with natural and functional ingredients, according to one...

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