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Genetically modified food is one of the great opinion-dividers of our time. Some argue that GM foods could damage the environment and human health. But others say they could be the answer to a secure food supply for the world’s growing population.

Transparency in food science

New EFSA chief-designate: ‘Our first priority is to get the science right’

The European Union’s central science agency must become more transparent to meet rapid technological change in food and agriculture, its likely next chief told the European Parliament this week. And...

Live updates from Food Vision in Cannes

The key quotes: #FoodVision in tweets

Global food and drink industry leaders at the Food Vision event in Cannes are aiming to tackle the big issues and key topics directly affecting the future of the industry...

FAO reports rise in GM material in non-GM food trade

Detection of genetically modified (GM) material in internationally traded non-GM food and feed has spiked in the past few years, interrupting trade and adding to food losses, according to the...

EU project aims for non-GMO alternative to soy for feed and food

Greater access to a non-GMO, allergen-free crop source for feed could result from a new EU-wide agriculture project that was initiated this week.

News in brief

Non-GM verification for European companies exporting to US

Cert ID Europe has developed a new non-GM verification scheme for food and ingredient companies wishing to avoid genetically modified ingredients – without the need for full non-GM certification.

Draft law to ban GM cultivation in EU countries is legally flawed, says Greenpeace

A proposal to allow member states to ban the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops for reasons other than environmental or health grounds would leave countries open to legal challenges,...

Organic grass fed cows may provide healthier beef, but consumers are not keen on taste: Study

Meat from grass-fed organic dairy steers may be of greater nutritional quality than conventionally raised steers, but falls below standard in overall consumer liking and flavour tests, according to research.

Greens threaten Commission over GM crop approval

The European Parliament’s Greens Group has threatened to bring a motion of censure against the Commission if it goes ahead with authorisation of GM maize variety 1507 for cultivation, after...

Two-thirds of EU states reject approval of GM maize – but it’s not over yet

A majority of EU member states voted against approving a genetically modified (GM) maize variety for cultivation in Europe at a Council of Ministers meeting on Tuesday – but the...


What do the eco heretics mean for GM golden rice?

Dr Patrick Moore – Greenpeace founding member and GM defector – represents a fear that lurks in the heart of all ideologists: Am I on the right side of the...

GM golden rice: Tables turn on Greenpeace

A dissident Greenpeace founding member claims the environmentalist group has become “a force for evil” in its campaigns against GM golden rice.

German government to abstain from GM maize vote

The German government will abstain from a vote on the cultivation of a variety of genetically modified (GM) maize next week, spokesperson Steffen Seibert said on Wednesday.

GM food policy: Trade disruptions from zero thresholds may cause 'severe' economic woes

The European Union (EU) zero threshold policy for unapproved  GM crops and foods could lead to 'severe' economic problems if it ever leads to a disruption in trade with major...

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Researchers unveil 'comprehensive' test to detect genetic modification in foods

A new comprehensive test that combines two well-known genetic analysis methods into a single test could help enforce stricter regulation of genetically modified foods in the future, say researchers.

DEFRA boss agrees Europe without GM will become a museum

Europe will become a food and farming museum without science on genetic modification (GM), environment secretary Owen Paterson has warned – echoing food manufacturers’ long-standing fears.

GM free: Ulrick & Short becomes first UK firm to gain 'Ohne Gentechnik' certification

Certification by German-government backed 'Ohne Gentechnik' labelling scheme will help British supplier Ulrick & Short to a competitive advantage in the GM-sensitive German market, says the firm.

UK government to intervene in Monsanto GM soy case

The UK government has confirmed its intention to intervene in a case against the European Commission's approval of a Monsanto GM soy variety at the European Court of Justice.

EU court annuls Commission GM potato approval

A European court has annulled approval of BASF’s genetically modified (GM) Amflora potato in the European Union, saying the Commission had not followed proper procedures.

Non-GM lecithin supply struggling to keep up with demand

There is a gap in the market for non-genetically modified lecithin, as the major soy producing countries are dominated by GM crops, according to Cargill’s fluid lecithin product manager Thorsten...


How could Séralini's GM study have made suckers of so many people?

The retraction last week by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology of the widely criticised anti-GM research paper commonly referred to as “the Séralini paper” no doubt left many in...

You are what you eat (and retweet): Using social media to connect with consumers

Why is your business using social media? To sell more products? Raise your profile? Change your image? Find out what key ‘influencers’ really think about your brands? Identify and target...

"We maintain our conclusions," says Seralini

Seralini stands firm as journal moves to retract GM rat study

The researcher behind a heavily criticised study linking Monsanto's GM maize and Roundup products to cancer in rats says he will not willingly withdraw the research, after the journal issued...

Journal set to retract Seralini GM rat cancer study

A heavily criticised rat study that linked Monsanto's genetically modified maize and the herbicide Roundup to increased cancer risks is set to be withdrawn by the journal that published it.

Global non-GMO market could reach $800bn by 2017; demand not unanimous

The global market for non-GMO food and beverage products shows great promise in the coming years, but its success is far from guaranteed, as global consumer support for mandatory GMO...

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