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‘We unlock the power of wheat’: Kampffmeyer

1 commentBy Kacey Culliney , 11-Sep-2012

The goodness of wheat, unlocked...

The goodness of wheat, unlocked...

Kampffmeyer Food Innovation has developed a highly nutritious wheat aleurone that plugs a market demand for healthy, good-tasting baked goods, according to its product manager.

The Germany-headquartered grain specialist has developed its ‘Vein of gold’ ingredient for use in refined flour and wholegrain baked goods, pizzas and pasta.

The fibre-rich wheat aleurone is the result of four years of research and development (R&D) and has been developed using an innovative milling process.

Bettina Zeuch, product manager, Health & Nutrition at Kampffmeyer Food Innovation, said wheat was chosen as it is readily available in Europe and can be easily incorporated into baked goods.

“The aleurone is the most precious part of the wheat kernel as it is where all the nutrients are concentrated,” Zeuch told

“It is rich in a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins and folic acid,” she said.

“We unlock the power of wheat,” she added.

Tasty health

This ingredient enables health and pleasure to be combined as it can be used to develop tasty baked goods with better nutritional profiles, Zeuch said.

“Health is one mega trend driving the functional bakery sector,” she said, along with natural and clean label.

Most European consumers also link grains and fibre with health, she added. “The connection of fibre and a healthy digestive system is clear to consumers.”

Formulation impacts

The ingredient is very simple to incorporate into formulations and has an appealing light colour, Zeuch said, unlike traditional wholegrain baked goods.

“It is very nice in colour…Wholegrain products are usually dark in colour but refined flour products tend to be nice and golden,” she said.

This ingredient enables manufacturers to have the health of wholegrain without any taste or visual impacts to the end product, the firm outlined.

It will also hold appeal to manufacturers wanting to develop clean label products as it is just developed using a physical milling process, Zeuch said.

The product is not yet commercially available but can be used on a trial basis. Kampffmeyer will launch its ‘Vein of gold’ ingredient globally following the November HiE trade show in Frankfurt.

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back to front

If we didn't insist on stripping out goodness such as that found in the aleurone layer, and rolling out endless tonnes of nutritionally moribund white flour, there would be no need for this innovation in the first place
Why can't we just concentrate on keeping it simple, and milling higher extraction flour instead?

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Posted by Andrew Smith
11 September 2012 | 16h162012-09-11T16:16:14Z

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