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Synergy introduces ‘authentic’ cheese flavour range for bakery


Cheese is a popular addition to bread, Synergy found

Cheese is a popular addition to bread, Synergy found

Synergy has introduced a new range of cheese flavours for savoury baked goods such as breads, scones, bagels and muffins, the company has said.

Synergy’s parent company Carbery produces more than 20 well-known cheeses, and Synergy said it has tapped into that dairy heritage to produce its new cheese flavours. Declared on product labels as ‘cheese’ or ‘natural flavour’, the ingredients have good heat stability and enhance flavour delivery and aroma compared to the use of natural cheese, the company claims.

“Cheese-flavoured bread is a lucrative sub-segment of a bakery market that is worth €4 billion in the UK alone and working with cheese profiles opens up a world of opportunity for manufacturers,” said Sarah Pearson, category marketing executive at Synergy.

The company said that the new flavours were developed in response to consumer demand for authentic cheese profiles.

 “The savoury category team at Synergy carried out market research in the UK’s gastronomic hub, London, to draw insight into the key flavour profiles used in the bakery market and our findings showed that cheese is one of the top five ingredients,” said Pearson. “Responding to growing demand for cheese-flavoured bread and baked goods, our cost-effective Cheese Flavour Solutions help bakers create authentic cheese flavoured bakery products that look, taste and smell delicious.”

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