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Quest Intl trend model to spot mood foods


Flavour company Quest International announced this week that its purposefully build TrendAntenna, a TrendModel to map movements and trends, has been effective in spotting consumer eating habits. The model, according to Quest, focuses on four major `Movements in Society' - Enjoyment, Consciousness, Spirit and Beauty and has been responsible for one hundred product concepts. Inventor and TrendAntenna expert, Elzeline de Leeuw-Dekker*, from Quest's specialist market intelligence team, said in a statement, "We have developed our qualitative research process to continuously capture direct and indirect influences on consumer eating habits. It's a tool to spot and interpret consumer trends, to provide direction on future consumer trends and to map out how our Taste and Texture solutions match with consumer needs. "We are able to provide a different, broader perspective on gaps in areas like mood foods or functional foods because we look much further into the influences on the trends - why they are happening, not just what is happening. We've also developed an unparalleled network of consumer experts in many related industries, " she claimed. The company added that Quest's entire global marketing team has been trained in TrendAntenna and its TrendModel.

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