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Newcomers to Cerestar group


Cerestar (Stand M70) will exhibit its range of speciality starches and polyols. New additions to the range of starches and polyols include: C*IsoMaltidex, isomalt for the manufacture of sugar free confectionery; C*HiForm, cold water swelling starches with superior functionality; C*ClearSet, starches for confectionery gums; C*EmTex, emulsifying starches for dressing and mayonnaise applications; C*deLight, maltodextrin as gelatine alternative for yoghurt desserts, and C*Actistar, butyrogenic starch for gut health and digestive comfort. CWS starches from Cerestar are produced with atomisation and agglomeration technology. The granules remain intact and take up water to form gels with a smooth texture, high clarity and clean flavour.

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