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Nestlé probiotic drink to go


Nestlé has pulled its probiotic LC1 Go! live yoghurt drink from the supermarket shelves less than three years after it was launched with a £2m TV ad campaign, Marketing Online reports. The launch of LC1 Go!, a citrus-flavoured low-fat dairy drink fermented with Nestlé's probiotic culture, had been labelled as the company's belated answer to the fast-growing demand for single-dose bottles of live, friendly bacteria that help the body's digestive system. Japanese-owned Yakult massively influenced the growth of live bacteria foodstuffs when it was launched onto the market, now worth £45m, in 1996. Two years later, Danone launched Actimel and Nestlé launched LC1 Go! But while Actimel flourished, and now sells almost as well as Yakult, Go! struggled to make an impact and had just 5 per cent market share in 2000, despite its lower price, the report continues. Go! was part of a range that included LC1 set yoghurt, which has been withdrawn from the UK for a second time. It was introduced in 1996, then removed a year later after disappointing sales. It was relaunched in 1998. A Nestlé spokesman said the LC1 range was well-received at launch, but added that distribution proved "difficult to gain and maintain in the face of strongcompetitive pressure", although the company will continue to invest in the development of functional and nutritional foods.

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