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Natural alternative to phosphates for poultry processors

2 commentsBy Kacey Culliney , 20-Jan-2012

All-natural brine system to replace phosphates in poultry applications

All-natural brine system to replace phosphates in poultry applications

An all-natural, clean label brine system has been developed through a collaborative project with three major UK and Irish ingredients companies to offer an improved solution to phosphate replacements in poultry applications.

The ’All Natural Brine System’, is the work of Irish functional ingredient manufacturer Marigot, Irish blending company AllinAll Ingredients and UK ingredients supplier Naturis.

The blend is comprised of Marigot’s algae derivative ingredient Aquamin and other natural ingredients.

It offers an “all-natural, clean label, E-number free solution to phosphate replacement in poultry meats,” according to David O’Leary, commercial manager at Marigot.

Daniel Hickey, managing director of AllinAll Ingredients also told that, “unlike starches and other ingredients currently used in phosphate free products, our all natural brine works to both open up the meat texture and hold moisture. Phosphates work in the same way. This is the reason that our product is a genuine alternative.”

By increasing moisture content, not only is yield increased before and after cooking but the higher moisture content means that the chicken is more succulent and therefore tastes better, Hickey added.

The ingredient also reduces the loss of fats and water from the meat which occurs during cooking, and improves colour.

Natural demands

O’Leary said the development of the system was a reaction from the “growing demand driven by retailers and consumers looking for more natural products with no e-numbers.”

There is also an awareness of potential legislation for phosphate replacement in the meat sector, he said.

“The three companies came together with a view to launching a brine system that delivers functional properties and an all-natural alternative to phosphate containing poultry brines,” Marigot’s commercial manager continued.

Hickey noted that the drive to remove phosphates is coming from retailers and that as a result producers are looking for alternatives.

The brine system is being marketed by AllinAll Ingredients as part of its functional ingredients portfolio and will be aimed at the international meat market, with particular focus on the UK and the rest of Europe, as well as Middle East markets.

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Phosphate substitute


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Phosphate substitute


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