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Ingredients sale rose with the heat


This summer's warm weather led to a 24 per cent average increase in ice cream sales in Denmark. And the Danes were not the only ones with a taste for ice cream. Ice-cream sales rose by 10 per cent in Norway and doubled in Sweden. This July, Denmark had 100 hours more sunshine than usual. Ice cream manufacturers are not the only ones smiling. The Danish food ingredients company Danisco , whose ingredients are used in half the ice cream produced around the world, is pleased about the warm weather: Danisco's sales statistics bask in the warmth as well. Product Manager Thor Andreasen of Danisco estimates that sales are 10 per cent higher in Scandinavia than last year. He adds, though, that sales figures do not directly reflect the effects of the good weather as ice cream-manufacturers often have stocks of food ingredients. Increased sales will therefore be spread over a longer period.

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