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IFT highlights food scientists’ role in sustainable supply

Last updated on 16-Oct-2012 at 14:10 GMT2012-10-16T14:10:53Z

IFT highlights food scientists’ role in sustainable supply

Food scientists play a crucial role in developing food processing and preservation techniques that contribute to environmental sustainability, according to the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

IFT has released a new video highlighting the food industry’s role in preventing food waste, which the institute says currently accounts for about 30% to 40% of raw food materials and ingredients throughout the supply chain.

The film features Mary Wagner, senior vice president of global research and development at Starbucks, who says: “Things like packaging, recyclability and reusability – all that is all top of mind when we put a package together, to deliver food to a consumer that is a) safe, b) has a shelf life and c) is very attractive, so that people will want to pick it up and try it. …We ultimately want to throw zero product away.”

IFT president John Ruff said in a statement: “Food preservation and processing are what have helped us feed billions, but we have to come up with even newer technologies to feed the billions of people by 2050. As food scientists, we are committed to further improving sustainability within the product lifecycle—from sustainable ingredient sourcing, to product development, to waste management.”

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