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Frozen dessert tie-up for competitive market


In the US this week private ingredients firm Harte Foods links up with mail order food company The Wisconsin Cheeseman to tackle the increasingly consolidated frozen dessert market.


The supplier of moulded chocolates, marshmallows and low-fat ingredients said the venture will focus on the production and sales of the current frozen dessert products sold by The Wisconsin Cheeseman, as well as the development of new products for both the frozen dessert and baking industry.

Companies targeted by the initiative include Nestlé / Dreyer's and Unilever.

"Our depth of experience in creating and commercialising new products for use in ice creams and frozen desserts will bring real value to both retail frozen dessert companies and to consumers alike," said David Laukat, CEO of the San-Francisco-based firm only launched in January this year.

Products in the new venture include: low-melt-point chocolate moulded cups with filled centres such as peanut butter and caramel and high-melt bake stable products are 'also expected to hit the marketplace soon', writes Harte Foods.

Americans lead the world in frozen dessert consumption, with total business coming in at $20 billion (€16.2bn) in 2002. Operating in a highly competitive environment innovation, currently focusing on feel-good and health-positioned products, is key to gaining and keeping a share of the stomach.

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