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FDF guide aims to help food companies manage supply chain risk


Sustainable sourcing for profit as well as planet

Sustainable sourcing for profit as well as planet

The UK’s Food and Drink Federation has introduced a guide for food companies on how to identify risk in their supply chain, as part of an approach to sustainable sourcing.

The trade body said its intent is to guide companies through mapping ingredients and services back to source, providing guidance on how to understand key risks and create an action plan, in the interests of good business, as well as the planet.

Food and Drink Federation director of sustainability Andrew Kuyk praised the industry for its existing achievements in reducing waste, carbon, water use, packaging and airmiles, and said the new guide looks further, beyond the factory gate.

“The global food system is vulnerable to external shocks not only from climate change but also pressure from population increases, growing demand for limited natural resources and changing diets,” he said.

“At the same time consumers are increasingly seeking reassurance that the products they buy have been sustainably sourced. At a time of diminishing resources, it also makes good business sense for companies to look at what is required to produce the product and how they would manage if some resources were not available.”

The guide is available online at .

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