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Danisco increase antioxidant activity


Ingredients company Danisco announced recently the production of Danisco antioxidants in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in response to growing demand. Products manufactured at the St. Louis facility include blends of natural antioxidants, blends of vitamin-based antioxidants and blends of traditional antioxidants.

Danisco writes in a statement that the increasing demand for extended shelf-life foods has spurred the increased demand for Danisco's antioxidant line due to the fact that antioxidants help protect the flavour and colour, primarily of fat-containing foods.

The other major factor that has contributed to the increase in demand is the high usage of further refined oils, which contain antioxidants to prevent oxidative rancidity.

Danisco's range of GRINDOX™ antioxidants are mainly sold as liquid blends. Vitamin-based blends with ascorbyl palmitate and tocopherol, which provide a vitamin C and vitamin E effect respectively, and traditional blends with BHT, BHA, TBHQ and propyl gallate are also available.

Daniel Berlin. , Industry Manager, Culinary with Danisco commented: "Danisco can offer our expertise in emulsifiers and surfactants and a wide variety of food ingredients that allows us to more effectively use antioxidants in food products. We offer advancement in the functionality of the blends and how they can best be used."

In 2001 Danisco reported net sales of $3.4 billion USD (€3.8bn) and the group employed nearly 10,000 people in more than 40 countries.

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