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Brazil's coffee leads the way - study suggests


A new study from Promar International, the food research and consulting firm concludes that Brazil will continue to exert strong sway on the global coffee market for some time to come. "The recent price slashing by Procter & Gamble and Kraft is in part a reaction to the expected harvest there,"according to Tom Earley, Promar Vice President. "Looking forward, we see Brazil making waves on the world market in ways other than sheer production prowess." According to Promar , Brazil has ramped-up efforts to develop 'quality coffee' varieties. "Other key producer markets beat Brazil to the punch," Earley notes, "but they are moving quite rapidly to capitalise on this opportunity. Ironically, the same price-cutting pressures they have helped create should also help further their quality coffee objectives, assuming that retailers will continue to pursue higher margins through more premium offerings." The study brochure, including a table of contents and sample pages for "Brazil Coffee To 2010: Implications for global coffee players" is available online.

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