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A kiwi? A bean?...


UK flavour ingredients company Treatt this week launched a new addition to its range of TNF water-soluble distillates - Kiwifruit Treattarome 9770, a new kiwifruit distillate. The company claims that the new flavour can contribute a fruity, green flavour to a range of food systems.

Kiwifruit Treattarome 9770 is distilled from fresh fruit and is classified as FTNF (From The Named Food). It is, maintains, effective in clear, natural beverages and natural juice blends, and can be applied to drinks, juices, alcoholic drinks, dairy products and dressings.

The flavour of kiwi is sensitive to degrees of ripeness, with ester levels increasing markedly as the fruit softens. Through its processing technique, Treatt aims to maintain a balance between the fresh, 'green bean-like' components and the sweet, ripe esters.

As the sole flavouring, for example at 0.1 per cent, Kiwifruit Treattarome 9770 provides an intense kiwi character which is fresh, green and fruity. In a blend, at 0.05 per cent or less, it still gives tropical green/strawberry notes with gooseberry, green tea and grape skin undertones and is effective in natural/WONF (With Other Natural Flavourings) strawberry and tropical blends.

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