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Sales are up but value falls as UK Christmas shoppers opt for cheaper food

UK consumers bought more Christmas products but opted for cheaper versions of them, IRI data has shown, with traditional retailers feeling the downward price pressure of hard discounters.

Cactus, birch, lychee and lemongrass: Soft drink consumers turn to natural flavors and functional innovations

Consumers are demanding more natural flavors in soft drinks, driven not only by taste but also by functional properties of ingredients, according to Canadean. 

Top food ingredients trends for 2016

‘It’s all about protein’ is one of four key trends set to shape the ingredients market in 2016, according to food ingredients supplier EHL Ingredients.

Date label headaches could make consumers sick: Survey

More than one third (39%) of UK shoppers say they would eat seafood past its ‘use by’ date, whilst even more (42%) would do the same with poultry –  a worrying development...

Guest article

Pulses, purple and portable protein - key baked goods trends for the year ahead

Branding and innovation expert Claire Nuttall – who has worked with many global food and drink businesses – reveals her pick of the trends set to shape the global baked...

‘Internet of food’ could revolutionise personal nutrition: researcher

The ‘internet of food’ could one day tell users what to eat based on their personal health needs, according to a digital health researcher. 

Readers' review of 2015

From trans fats to triathlons, PhDs to palm oil and quinoa to kittens, 2015 was YOUR year

It’s that time of the year when we look back and reflect on the highs and lows of the past 12 months – but this time we asked our readers...

What were FoodNavigator's top news stories of 2015?

Stay tuned in 2016 for more insight and in-depth coverage of the European food and beverage industry. In the meantime, click through the images for...

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Live debates: Nestlé and Mondelēz among ISM and ProSweets panelists

ConfectioneryNews is hosting three live debates at the world’s largest confectionery trade fair next year, featuring representatives from the industry’s biggest players.

Marketing to the ‘elderly’: Overcoming the taboo of getting old

There is a need for public health strategies and products to address Europe's rapidly ageing population – but how easy is it to market such products when nobody wants to admit...


What opportunities does the backlash against sugar create?

From links with obesity and type 2 diabetes to government taxes, sugar is currently experiencing a backlash. FoodNavigator met up with experts in the field at Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) to ask...

FoodNavigator's 2015 quiz of the year

So you think you know all there is to know about the European food industry in 2015? Let us put your knowledge to the test with our news quiz!

If private label is the innovator of tomorrow, how can brands compete?

Private label products have become the trusted brands of today and continuous innovation will ensure they remain so, says one analyst - but could it also hold some promise for...

Special edition: Battling malnutrition. Exclusive with Nestlé head of public health nutrition

Nestlé: Profit is not a dirty word in the race against global malnutrition

Commercial and public health gain needn’t be opposed bedfellows in the battle against malnutrition among the world’s poorest people, says the chief of public health nutrition at the world’s biggest...

Special edition: Food for kids

Healthy NPD should be the starting point for kids' food

The ‘good for you’ trend in children’s food is growing, and small companies would do well to focus on healthy new product development in order to compete with big players...

Companies sourcing Italian tomatoes urged: 'Make yourselves known'

Following revelations of gross exploitation of workers in the Italian tomato processing industry, the Ethical Trading Initiative is asking food manufacturers to map their supply chains - but Princes is the only one...

Special edition: Food for kids

Tips for creating a successful children's brand

With children becoming more and more social media savvy, ethically conscious and keen to follow wider music and fashion trends, creating a successful kids' brand isn't easy. FoodNavigator spoke to...

Dispatches from FIE 2015

Digitalisation, fragmentation and the new food landscape – will your firm survive?

The digital age has changed everything – fragmenting both consumer taste and industry response to it. Is your business tuned in to a shift that is pushing start-ups front and...

Dispatches from fie 2015

Busting the myth of the magic superfood protein

Insects, ancient grains and algae. There is no such thing as a perfect protein and we must bust this myth of the ultimate ‘superfood’ protein, says researcher.

Peek inside Probiota 2016: Amsterdam, February 2-4

What’s fermented food and can it help make probiotics sexy?

When we say ‘fermented’ you say beer? Bread? Sauerkraut? But one start-up is coupling the concept with probiotics for a much needed sector make-over.

Investment capital continues to chase protein plays, experts say

Protein via nutrition bars and other delivery modes has driven much of the recent M&A activity in the dietary supplement and functional foods space, experts say.

Not just fun & games: mobile apps get serious about obesity

Smart phone apps could play a role in tackling the obesity crisis, although there needs to be more clarity around the way values and results are calculated, says a nutrition...

Dispatches from FIE 2015

Eat with your eyes: Making sense of multi-sensory food

Food should taste and smell good but what else should and can it do when ‘visually stimulated’ consumers like millennials engage in eating occasions? Touch, sight and sound are increasingly...

dispatches from fie 2015

The 4 biggest mistakes in healthy marketing

The Healthy Marketing Team tells us what NOT to do when marketing a healthy food product, based on work by their colleagues at New Nutrition Business.   

Big food firms are climate smart but social media stupid

Brands are blowing a major opportunity to communicate their sustainability initiatives to millions of consumers with social media updates that are “inane, safe and saccharinely artificial in their bonhomie”, says a...

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