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Study suggests calories cause addictive brain response

A new animal study indicates that food calories, not just sweetness, can trigger a positive response in the brain - a breakthrough that could have implications for anti-obesity strategies and the food industry.

Strike deals to secure organic ingredients, urges Frost

Organic food makers must make alliances with ingredients firms and farmers to ensure they have a secure supply of organic ingredients in the face of increasing demand, advises Frost & Sullivan.

Meiji recalls GM sweetener in Japan

Japan's leading chocolate maker Meiji Seika has recalled a range of confectionery products, after it was discovered that they contained a novel sweetener made with an unapproved genetically modified enzyme.

Danisco reshuffles ingredients ahead of sugar split

Danisco is reorganising its ingredients business in a bid to target market trends like health and wellness more closely, and deal with issues that have been affecting parts of its portfolio.

Beverages lead in low/no/reduced sugar launches

Non-alcoholic beverages saw the most low/no/reduced sugar product launches in major European markets in 2007, suggests data from Mintel, but many products use fruit rather than artificial sweeteners.

Reinventing ingredients: Lessons from Litesse

Changes in industry conditions and challenges, coupled with emerging trends, can open up opportunities for manufacturers to breathe new life into old ingredients.

NutraSweet defends Chinese IP rights

Sweetener producer NutraSweet has said it will take legal action against counterfeiters in China who, it alleges, are infringing its intellectual property rights.

Nutrilab works towards a bright future for tagatose

Although Arla Foods halted production of the sweetener tagatose in 2006, the low-calorie, low-GI sugar replacer has not died a death. Rather Nutrilab sees a strong future and is working up to full scale production.

SunOpta to close acquisition despite financial woes

SunOpta is set to complete its acquisition of Tradin Organic Agriculture in the next few weeks having faced delays due to the internal financial issues.

Innovation still driving force for additives, says Freedonia

Food additive producers are building market value by developing new ingredients and improving existing ones - in turn enabling product manufacturers to improve quality and reduce costs, says Freedonia.

Tagatose acceptable sucrose-replacer for cookies, says study

Tagatose is suitable as a partial replacer for sucrose in cookies, according to a new study in sensory attributes, and could be used to reduce metabolized sugars in the diet and as a prebiotic.

Health and wellness drives Givaudan R&D

Progress in novel foods, with particular focus on the health and wellness trend, is fuelling Givaudan's R&D programme, into which it reinvests 10 per cent of its annual sales.

Nutrinova settles patent case over sweetener

Nutrinova has today said that it has settled two lawsuits against the Ingredient House relating to patent infringements and theft of trade secrets.

ADM responds to HFCS obesity claims

Ingredients giant Archer Daniels Midland has criticised media reports linking the use of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) with the rise in US obesity levels, saying it is not the sole cause of the epidemic.

Study links salt and soft drinks to childhood obesity

Reducing the salt content of foods would result in drinking fewer sugar-sweetened beverages, and may lower obesity risks, hypertension and possibly heart disease, British researchers report.

Hawaiian aspartame ban stalls on lack of science

Moves to ban the use of aspartame in Hawaii appear to have failed after the bill was deferred until further evidence could be heard.

Xylitol's potential beyond gum explored

The use of xylitol, a natural sweetener linked to dental health, could prevent the formation of undesirable brown pigments and enhance beverage formulations, suggests new research.

Erythritol demand to grow with EU acceptance

EU member states must recognise erythritol as an approved sweetener by tomorrow, which is expected to increase its use in low-calorie products across Europe.

Sugar-free confectionery moves to mainstream

More than half of consumers say they are willing to switch to sugar-free versions of traditional confectionery lines, which suggests that sweeteners are no longer considered a 'niche' ingredient in sweets, claims Beneo Palatinit.

Lab study questions sweeteners for weight control

Sweetening foods with artificial sweeteners like saccharin may lead to increased body weight and fat build-up, suggests a study with rats that goes against intuition.

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