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Europe's first polydextrose production planned

Tate & Lyle has announced plans to build a new polydextrose line in The Netherlands, which it says will be the first facility for the manufacture of the prebiotic fibre and bulking agent in Europe.

Danisco confident xylitol will pick up

Danisco has charged an internal task force with identifying new applications for xylitol, as the sweetener continues to blight its otherwise positive financial results – but has reduced production in the meantime.

Production costs push up Ajinomoto aspartame price

Higher production costs are taking their toll on aspartame, as Ajinomoto Food Ingredients announces a 15 per cent price hike for non-contractual customers.

Chinese aspartame firm makes UK move

SinoSweet is stepping up its activities in the UK this month with the opening of a new sales office for aspartame, which it believes will help sales of the sweetener in the face of rival sucralose.

Stevia is photo-stable in beverages, says Coca-Cola

Stevia, the natural sweetener causing a whirlwind of interest around the globe, does not degrade in beverages on exposure to light, says a new study from Coca-Cola.

Honey replaces additives in French salad dressing: study

Antioxidant-rich honey may protect against spoilage in salad dressings, and naturally sweeten the condiment, according to new research from Chicago.

Weekly comment

False starting in the stevia race

The Greeks have a saying that goes something like this: ‘If you’re in too much of a rush, you’ll trip up’. The food and drinks industry could well benefit from the simplistic wisdom of such traditional advice as they race to bring the natural sweetener stevia to market.

Xylitol bears show dental health potential - study

Gummy bear candies, not traditionally seen as a first line of defence in battling tooth decay, may play some role in providing oral health care to children when containing some sugar alcohols, according to a new clinical trial in the US.

Fructose again linked to fat build-up: study

Fat build-up from fructose consumption may be greater than what occurs when we eat other types of sugars, such as glucose and sucrose, according to a new study.

Gap is closing on aspartame’s lead over sucralose: Mintel data

The number of new food and beverage products containing aspartame has continued to fall since 2005, indicates data from Mintel, while the number of those using sucralose has risen.

Manufacturers seek sucralose over aspartame, says Fusion

Fusion Nutraceuticals is reporting interest in its recently launched sucralose as a replacer for aspartame in food and beverage products, as manufacturers seek to meet retailer and consumer demand for aspartame-free products.

Tate & Lyle gets go-ahead for sale to Bunge

The sale of Tate & Lyle’s international sugar trading business to US oilseed firm Bunge is now unconditional, removing the UK sweetener group from the volatile sugar market.

Hot topic

HFCS – natural or not? Your views

The issue of whether high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) may be considered natural or not has been an issue of hot debate in recent months.

HFCS is natural, says FDA in a letter

High fructose corn syrup may be labeled natural when synthetic fixing agents do not come into contact with it during manufacturing, said the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), fuelling further debate on the controversial sweetener.

Hope for improved honey crop

The US honey crop is expected to see a significant improvement this year following a dismal performance in 2007, according to a spokesman for Sue Bee Honey.

PureCircle sells 20 per cent to Olam and Wilmar

Olam and Wilmar have entered a joint venture to acquire a 20 per cent stake in PureCircle in a partnership aimed at strengthening the supply chain and increasing sales of natural high-intensity stevia sweeteners.

Hot topic

HFCS - natural or not?

For the first of a new series to air reader views on controversial topics affecting the food industry, FoodNavigator is seeking comments on whether or not the sweetener high fructose corn syrup should be considered natural.

Blue California nears self-affirmed GRAS stevia launch

Ingredients group Blue California says it expects to obtain self-affirmed generally regarded as safe (GRAS) approval for its stevia-derived sweetener compound by next month.

Niutang sets up sucralose sales office in UK

Sweetener manufacturer Niutang Chemical is opening an office in the UK in a bid to expand its share in sucralose, aspartame and folic acid in this important geographical market.

Sweetener to follow tea trend

Nutrinova is looking to move into the ready-to-drink tea market as the popularity of carbonated beverages such as energy drinks dies down, according to one of its food technology specialists.

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