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Bunge buys into sweeteners with Corn Products acquisition

Bunge has announced the signature of a definitive agreement to acquire Corn Products International for around $4.8bn, a major deal that plunges it into the high-potential sweeteners market.

HFCS 'natural' drink not deceptive, rules court

A US federal judge has rejected a claim that the use of the term 'all natural' on Snapple drinks was deceptive because the products contained high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

'Greener' sucralose processing could enter market

Lexington Pharmaceutical is seeking global manufacturing partners for its innovative sucralose process, which it claims is greener than methods used by leading competitors.

Wild launches new Fruit Up with a confectionery spin

Wild is introducing a new version of its Fruit Up sweetener, specially designed for use in fruit jelly confectionery products and angled towards helping manufacturers tap the healthy confectionery market.

Rare sugar may replace sucrose for bakery and beyond

The rare sugar D-psicose may be an ideal substitute for sucrose, and have the added benefits of boosting antioxidant activity and boosting shelf-life, say Japanese researchers.

Natural innovation needed to oust villains, says report

Artificial additives have become "contemporary villains" and synthetic flavors are no longer acceptable to consumers, according to a new market report.

Has stevia broken US dietary supplement shackles?

The hype surrounding stevia has been ratcheted up another notch after the US's largest supplier announced it is launching the natural sweetener beyond the dietary supplements aisle for the first time.

Tate and Lyle confident in 'layered patent strategy'

As the decision on patent infringement allegations in the US is pushed back by three months, UK sucralose supplier Tate & Lyle confirms its confidence in the outcome of the case, while Chinese sucralose competitors affirm their supplies will continue.

New sucralose supplier enters European market today

Food makers to see alternative supplies for sucralose as new manufacturer for this booming sweetener hits European markets for the first time, launching today in Amsterdam.

Erythritol use blossoms but regulatory, technical challenges remain

Manufacturers are getting more adventurous over erythritol use since it gained EU-wide approval this year, says Cargill, but the real boom will come when they can make a low-calorie claim in Europe.

Sugar and currencies blamed for Tate & Lyle profit drop

Tate & Lyle has reported an 11 per cent drop in pre-tax profits to £244m (c €307.3m) for full year 2008, a result of troubles in international sugar trading and inclement exchange rates.

Galam extends fructose reach for US beverages

Galam is aiming to expand its fructose sweetener brand in the US as new supplies come on-stream that can meet demand for natural sweeteners, particularly for beverages.

Cargill names stevia brand on back of new science

Cargill yesterday gave a name to its stevia brand, further to the publication of an overview of the science supporting the use of rebiana as a sweetener.

DuPont, Danisco join forces for non-food ethanol

A new joint venture by DuPont and Danisco aims to develop what could be the first large-scale non-food ethanol production, which could lighten the pressure of biofuels on the food industry.

Sweet tooth in the genes: study

A specific genetic variation may help explain why some people consume more sugary foods than others.

JAMA questions sense of sweeteners for weight loss

A growing body of research is questioning the usefulness of low-calorie sweeteners in stemming weight gain, according to an editorial in JAMA, which could have an impact on diet food development.

Major HFCS users unlikely to ditch it for sugar, expert

Some food and beverage manufacturers may switch from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to sugar as a result of high corn prices, but this is only likely to be the case for relatively small scale users, according to a consultant.

Ajinomoto and Asda draw battle lines over aspartame

Ajinomoto Sweeteners Europe has launched a defamation law suit against US supermarket Asda over labelling on own-brand products that calls aspartame a 'nasty'.

GLG signs 10-year stevia supply contract with Cargill

Chinese ingredients company GLG Life Tech has signed a 10-year agreement to supply Cargill with extract from the stevia plant to make its rebiana sweetener.

Risk management tools for commodities bring strong gains to ADM 3Q

Risk management tools benefiting from volatile commodity markets bring strong gains to US ingredients giant ADM in the latest quarter, but profit for starch and sweeteners impacted by higher corn prices.