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The aspartame science kerfuffle

The publication of a new animal study on aspartame last month has - as expected -sparked yet another bout of head butting from the two opposing sides of the debate. But it also highlights a bigger issue: one of transparency.

SNA event to examine school nutrition standards

School nutrition will be in the spotlight next week, when nutrition professionals and industry members from around the country meet in Chicago for the School Nutrition Association's (SNA) conference.

GMA report examines industry responses to price pressures

Food and beverage manufacturers are responding to commodity price rises through risk management, product reformulation and innovation, according to a report by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

Study finds no link between sugar drinks and kiddie obesity

A new study from the UK suggests that children consumption of soft drinks between age five and seven is not linked to obesity later in childhood, challenging previous studies that have targeted soft drinks as a major driver in the obesity epidemic.

Biofuel demands keeps ag prices high, OECD-FAO report

World prices for many agricultural commodities may remain at historical highs over the next decade, as the increase in demand for biofuels continues to shape agricultural markets, says a new OECD/FAO report.

DuPont closer to launch of new GM corn

DuPont has said it is on track to launch a new herbicide tolerant biotech corn variety, which will come into direct competition with Monsanto's popular Roundup Ready trait.

FDA examines allergy labels in new study

Almost half of consumers with food allergies have "serious problems" using food labels to help them avoid certain foods, says a new study by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Monsanto invests in corn business as Q3 profits soar

Monsanto is to make its largest investment to date in its corn production facilities, a move following continued strong demand for its branded corn seed products around the world.

FDA, EFSA to review new aspartame study

Regulatory bodies in the United States and Europe have said they will review a new study linking aspartame to an increased risk of cancer, but have reiterated that until an evaluation of the data is conducted they continue to support the safety of the sweetener.

New study reignites aspartame cancer concerns

Concerns over the safety of aspartame could be reignited after a new study with rats linked regular intake of the sweetener with increased risk of leukaemia, lymphomas and breast cancer.

Monsanto, Bayer team up on herbicide tolerance

Agro-firms Monsanto and Bayer CropSciences have entered into a series of new agreements, which could result in crops that contain two of the leading herbicide technologies - Roundup Ready and LibertyLink.

New stevia product enters sweetener aisles as awareness increases

A new stevia sweetener product has made its way into a number of leading US retailers, where its manufacturer claims it is placed side by side with the nation's top sweetener brands, despite its regulatory status as a dietary supplement.

Dow applies new gene technology to maize, canola crops

A technology that has been shown to modify genes in human cells has been successfully applied to maize and canola crops, according to biotech firm Dow AgroSciences.

Food execs to examine solutions to biofuel threat

Food industry R&D executives will be meeting in Chicago next month to examine the impact of increased biofuel demand on their business, in an effort to anticipate challenges resulting from a fundamental shift in supply chain dynamics.

DuPont expands seed research in Brazil

DuPont is to open a new corn and soybean seed research facility in Brazil, a move that comes as part of its reinvestment plan designed to increase focus on plant genetics and biotechnology.

Consumer psychology could be used to eat healthy, says USDA

A new report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends alternative methods that could be implemented to help consumers make healthy food choices, including placing limits on purchases made in grocery stores and in schools.

Obesity trend prompts sugar alternative growth

Growing concerns about obesity and type-2 diabetes are driving low-sugar, sugar-free or sugar substituted products, says a new survey from the NPD Group.

Cargill, Coca-Cola develop natural sweetener

Agribusiness Cargill has teamed up with Coca-Cola to market a new calorie-free natural sweetener made from the South American herb Stevia.

Senomyx granted patent for sweeter food

Senomyx, a developer of novel flavor ingredients for the packaged food industry, has been granted a patent for a technology that makes foods taste sweeter, the US Patent and Trademark Office has announced.

Mitsubishi Corp pulls subsidiaries into food science company

Mitsubishi Corporation is to form a new diversified food science company by amalgamating three of its subsidiaries, in order to strengthen its R&D capabilities and expand globally by combining customer bases and sales networks.

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