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Bunge sees earnings double in Q3

Bunge, a supplier of agricultural and edible oil products to the food industry, today reported that earnings more than doubled in its third quarter on the back of strong market conditions.

Special edition: Opportunities in food

Freedonia: Stevia's potential in an imperfect sweetener market

No sweetener currently available on the market has proven to be a fully satisfactory replacement for sugar, but the emergence of stevia could rekindle hope, according to Freedonia. The analyst examines the sweetener market in the second of a series of exclusive articles contributed to by global market research firms.

Cargill sweetener makes its way to bakery aisles

Ingredient firm Cargill has taken one of its sweetener products to consumer aisles, following an agreement with popular consumer brand Clabber Girl.

More whole grains found in schools, says report

Increasing the availability of whole grains is the effort most commonly reported by schools for improving children's nutrition, according to a new survey.

Cake and pie products must evolve to grow, says Mintel

Manufacturers of cakes and pies should focus on health, gourmet and unique flavors in order to increase their competitiveness in the US market, according to a new report by Mintel.

Cargill reports Q1 earnings surge

Agricultural and ingredients firm Cargill has said earnings for its first quarter shot up, benefiting from a "new level of market volatility".

Sipal Partners introduces organic fructose syrup

Sipal Partners has developed an organic fructose syrup with exceptionally high fructose content, providing a sweetener low in calories and with a low glycemic index for a growing market sector in Europe.

Growing corn demand boosts Monsanto 2007 sales

Biotechnology firm Monsanto has reported strong sales for its fourth quarter, although the company suffered a net loss in the period due to a one-off R&D charge.

Organic market forecast to carve larger niche, report

American consumers who buy organic food regularly are still a small minority, but are growing, according to a survey conducted last month.

Special edition: Food prices

USDA forecasts happy ending to ethanol/food price battle

The link between growing ethanol demand and higher food prices has been overstated, according to the US Agriculture Secretary, who forecasts that supply and price pressures will even out as markets 'do their work'.

IBIE opens its doors in Florida

Heavyweights in the bakery industry are this week showcasing their latest innovations in Orlando, Florida, at the International Baking Industry Exposition, where millions of dollars of deals are expected to close over the next four days.

Soup sales slow, innovation needed, says Mintel

Soup sales in the US have slowed over the past year, prompting Mintel to suggest that manufacturers and marketers need to rethink their level of innovation and their market strategies if they want to grow sales over the next five years.

FDA awaits stevia petition

A recent warning letter sent by FDA has again brought the 'natural' sweetener stevia into the spotlight, prompting the regulatory agency to say it soon expects to be petitioned to approve the ingredient for use in foods and beverages.

Tate & Lyle 'cautious' about outlook

Tate & Lyle continues to be dragged down by EU sugar reform, while additional challenges such as high corn costs have prompted the firm to view near term outlook "with caution".

Monsanto GM trait adoption to grow threefold, forecasts firm

Monsanto, a leading global biotechnology company, yesterday said it expects to almost triple its presence outside of the United States.

Most consumers still against cloning, reveals new survey

The majority of American consumers are still against the idea of eating products derived from cloned animals, although confidence levels shoot up if these products are deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Soda sales in schools fall, says ABA

The number of full-calorie soft drinks sold in schools across America has almost halved, according to a new report that examines the progress made by industry one year after the implementation of the National School Beverage Guidelines.

Nutrinova settles Ace-K patent battle

Ingredient firm Nutrinova and distributor Viachem have settled a patent infringement case related to the "unauthorized" import of sweetener acesulfame K into the United States.

CSPI, CRA campaign in favor of controversial sweetener

President Bush has been urged to revise a government report which suggests that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is responsible for obesity.

FDA gives isomaltulose health claim green light

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized a non-cariogenic health claim for the carbohydrate sweetener isomaltulose.

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