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Global food use of bulk and high intensity sweeteners

Some 70.4 million tonnes of sweeteners were used by the global food and beverage industry in 2008, including sugars. But which sweeteners are most used, in volume terms?

PureCircle reviews ‘transformation’, eyes long term

PureCircle has reported a huge boom in sales in the “transformational” 2009 financial year, and has credit facilities that will allow it to expand as stevia sweeteners move towards the big time.

The science of sweetener blends

Achieving the ideal sweetener blend is a scientific undertaking, making or breaking a product’s acceptance. In the second part of our special series on sweetener blends, FoodNavigator look at what makes a blend a success.

Italian association to boost stevia awareness in Europe

A new association is aiming to promote knowledge and research into stevia sweeteners in Italy and abroad, and is seeking active members and funding.

Xylitol still disappoints Danisco

Danisco sold ‘somewhat disappointing’ volumes of xylitol at the start of its new financial year, but says the sweeteners division is on track for recovery thanks temporary closure of xylitol plants and inventory reductions.

France’s first stevia products around the corner

Granular is officially launching its Real Stevia sweetener following approval for high Reb-A stevia sweeteners in France; the race is on to bring the first products to shelves and secure market share.

Cost vs quality sparks Tate & Lyle platform

Tate & Lyle is introducing a new product development platform aimed at helping manufacturers develop lower cost products that still taste as good.

France approves high Reb A stevia sweeteners

The French government has approved the use of stevia sweeteners with 97 per cent purity rebaudioside A (Reb A), officially opening up the first EU market for products containing the much-anticipated ingredient.

Erythritol’s antioxidant activity may add to diabetes benefits

The zero-calorie sweetener erythritol may exert a strong antioxidant activity which may protect vascular health of diabetics, says a new study from The Netherlands.

Sucralose safety ‘scientifically sound’: Expert panel

Studies reporting that sucralose may be detrimental to gut health were “not scientifically rigorous”, and the totality of evidence supports the safety of the sweetener, an expert panel has concluded.

Researchers warn of toxin increase in heated HFCS

The formation of a toxic substance when high fructose corn syrup is heated raises concerns for bee keepers, say researchers, and will help inform advice on safe storage of the ingredient for use in human food.

Brenntag UK buys glucose syrup business from Cargill

Brenntag UK has purchased Cargill’s packaged glucose syrup business for the UK and Northern Ireland, taking direct responsibility for customers as of next month.

Low calorie drinks and low-fat foods effective for weight loss

Regular consumption of low-calorie beverages and low fat foods may help maintain weight loss and a stable body weight, suggests findings from a new study.

New player prepares sucralose launch in Europe

BioPlus is introducing a new sucralose to manufacturers around the world, and sees future market growth in developing new versions of the popular sweetener.

'Electronic tongue' could aid sweetened formulations

Scientists have developed an ‘electronic tongue on a chip’ to quickly and accurately identifies sweetness, giving manufacturers an inexpensive quality control tool.

Artificial sweeteners not linked to cancer: Study

Regular intakes of artificial sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame do not increase the risk of certain cancers, like stomach and pancreatic, suggests a new study from Italy.

Ingredients demand is stable, says Tate & Lyle

Food and beverage ingredient demand has been ‘stable’ in Tate & Lyle’s Q1, says the company in its interim statement, and the year so far has exceeded expectations.

Fructose linked to memory problems: Rat study

High consumption of fructose in the diet may lead to spatial memory problems, according to a new study with rats from Georgia State University.

Asda claims victory in aspartame ‘nasty’ case

A High Court judge has found in favour of Asda in its court battle with Ajinomoto over food and beverage ‘no nasties’ labelling, which listed aspartame as an ingredient not used. Ajinomoto plans to appeal.

Dispatches from EUSTAS stevia symposium

German-speaking countries show huge stevia interest

Interest in stevia has remained high in Germany despite the plant being outlawed under novel foods regulations in 2000; but fringe products may contain undeclared additives due to the lack of food checks.

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