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Technical challenges to reducing sugar

Tate & Lyle’s manager of sweetener technology development gives insight into the role of sugar beyond providing sweetness, and how to pick alternative sweeteners that build back the properties.

Dispatches from IFT

Niutang nears launch for new stevia sweetener

Niutang is preparing to introduce its Reb A sweetener from stevia next year and is starting discussions with existing customers and new ones that have a parallel product development timeline.

Dispatches from IFT

SGF doubles stevia production with new 1,000 MT plant

Sweet Green Fields (SGF) has announced the opening of a new facility in China with annual production of 1,000 MT of finished product, doubling its current capacity.

French distributor secures stevia supply from Argentina

Groupe Lavollée Chimie is gearing up for approval of stevia sweeteners in France, expected this summer, after signing an agreement with Argentine supplier Stevia Internacional.

France and rest of Europe prepare for stevia approval

Manufacturers in France are gearing up to start using high purity stevia extract Reb A as soon as approval is signed off, according to a supplier, making use of an anticipated two-year window before full European approval.

Tate & Lyle to produce all its sucralose in Singapore

Tate & Lyle is to produce all its sucralose from its new plant in Singapore, ‘mothballing’ its facility in McIntosh, Alabama.

Stevia World puts stevia on the map as sugar replacer

Speakers at the first day of Stevia World have focused on the potential of stevia sweeteners as mainstream sugar replacers, as well as their role in tackling surging rates of diet related ill health, such as diabetes.

Study adds to stevia Reb A safety rep

Rebaudiside A does not pose any safety questions regarding genotoxicity, according to a new study that supports the safety profile of this up-and-coming sweetener.

The science of stevia

There has been much excitement about the promise of stevia as a natural alternative to artificial zero-calorie sweeteners. summarises the science so far.

Nutrition and pharma holding up in recession, DSM results

Industries deemed essential, such as nutrition and pharma, are having a much smoother recession ride than other sectors, DSM’s Q1 results indicate.

Anti-fructose science may be swaying public opinion

Consuming beverages sweetened with fructose leads to weight gain and a build up of abdominal fat, and impairs insulin sensitivity, says a new study.

EFSA finds no reason to alter aspartame ADI

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said there is no indication that aspartame causes cancer following its assessment of a study that linked regular intake of the sweetener with increased risk of certain cancers.

PureCircle establishing stevia’s sustainability early on

The supply chain for stevia is sound and sustainable, says PureCircle, which is communicating the ethical values behind its high purity Reb-A sweetener in keeping with the natural image.

Symrise develops toolbox to tackle stevia flavour issues

Symrise has launched a new toolkit of flavour masking solutions to help food manufacturers to overcome the off-notes and aftertaste associated with stevia-derived sweeteners.

Tate & Lyle positive on sucralose bounce back

Tate & Lyle has indicated that some recovery of sucralose sales towards the end of its financial year, and says it is making progress in yield and process improvements.

Fructose review findings are ‘speculative’: Researcher

The findings of a review about how metabolism of fructose in the brain may affect food intake are “highly speculative and probably incorrect”, says a leading HFCS researcher.

Fructose metabolism in the brain may increase food intake, obesity: Review

The way fructose is metabolised in the brain may increase food intake and lead to obesity, according to a new review from the US.

Sweetened beverages may raise women’s heart disease risk

Women who drink two or more servings of sweetened beverages per day may increase their risk of heart disease by 35 per cent, says a new study.

European stevia firm to build Paraguay plant

Granular, a European stevia producer, has entered into a joint partnership to build a refinery for the natural sweetener in South America which it said will be environmentally neutral.

Danisco counts cost of ingredient sales slowdown

Danisco has reported a slowdown in food ingredient volume sales in Q3 as the economic downturn kicks in; sweeteners and enablers are worst hit, but growth rates in cultures ‘satisfactory’.

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