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Danisco streamlines ingredients supply function

Danisco is forming a new logistics unit to underlie its three food ingredients divisions covering emulsions, cultures and sweeteners, in a bid to bring greater efficiency in its dealings with customers.

Danisco positive on FY despite sweetener struggles

Danisco achieved 6 per cent in revenue for its full year 2009/10 and strong profit growth; all divisions with the exception of sweeteners contributed to its margin expansion.

Special edition: Natural and clean label

Consumers' views on natural and clean label terminology

‘No-additives’, and ‘no-preservatives’ are the most popular clean label claims with consumers, while ‘natural’ struggles because of over-use and lack of definition, according to research.

Special edition: Natural and clean label

Developments in clean label ingredients

With food manufacturers and retailers striving to strip down food ingredient labels to a bare minimum, takes a look at how ingredient firms have stepped up their game to help meet the growing demand for clean label products.

Mintel: Natural and clean-label trend still driving NPD

While shoppers’ enthusiasm for low-fat, low-sugar or low-calorie claims (‘minus’ claims) or added functional ingredients claims (‘plus’ claims) has waned; their interest in natural claims has continued to grow, according to Mintel.

Radical new twist in Ajinomoto vs Asda 'nasty' battle

The legal dispute between Ajinomoto and Asda over the right to call aspartame 'nasty' has taken a radical new turn following a Court of Appeal judgment effectively overturning last year's High Court ruling.

Stevia tops preferences for low-cal chocolate

Beverages formulated with stevia are preferred by consumers over similar products sweetened with sugar or other common high intensity sweeteners, says new research from Croatia.

Cargill gets Novel Foods for Xtend sucromalt

A sucromalt ingredient from Cargill has received Novel Foods approval in Europe, opening up the use of the sweetener in a range of food and beverage products in the bloc.

Tate & Lyle shifts focus as profits fall

Tate & Lyle has announced a major shake-up of its business, shifting focus to specialty food ingredients and away from its traditional sugar business.

Additive inspectors pay a visit to Danish food firms

Denmark’s food ministry Fødevarestyrelsen is kicking off a nationwide inspection of additive use and labelling in sweets and soft drinks this month.

Tate & Lyle brings on new glucose capacity in Slovakia

Tate and Lyle now has new capacity for glucose syrup up and running at its facility in Slovakia, to cater to European demand and, in particular, underserved manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Sucralose does not promote weight gain: Human study

Consumption of sucralose and sucralose-sweetened products does not affect gut hormones linked to hunger, or detrimentally affect blood sugar levels, says a new study from Australia.

PepsiCo explores natural sweetener from oats

Patents filed by PepsiCo and Cargill reveal they are exploring new sources of natural sweeteners from oats and monatin, a naturally-occurring substance found in a plant grown in South Africa.

Erythritol cookies pass taste tests

Formulating cookies with erythritol may allow for partial replacement of sugar without the consumer tasting a difference, says new research from Taiwan.

Stevia suppliers welcome EFSA opinion

Stevia suppliers have welcomed EFSA’s positive scientific opinion on the safety of stevia-derived sweeteners, saying it paves the way for generating more consumer interest in the natural sweetener.

EFSA opinion paves way for EU approval of stevia-based sweeteners

EU approval for natural sweeteners from the stevia leaf has moved one step closer after scientists at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) gave them a clean bill of health.

DRINKSINGREDIENTS2010: Introducing the industry's first virtual trade show is launching the first virtual conference and expo dedicated to drink ingredients and formulation.

Low-cal sweeteners do not lead to over-eating: Study

Consuming low-calorie sweetened beverages may not lead to eating more as compensation for the lower calorie load, according to the results of a new human trial.

Challenges prompt changes for EU ingredients organisation

The European organisation for specialty food ingredients has introduced a new structure, a new name, and new members, as the landscape of the sector is changing and new regulatory and technological challenges are coming into play.

Fructose sweeteners may (not) be associated with kidney disease

Intakes of sugar-sweetened beverages may increase levels of uric acid, a compound linked to decreased kidney function, says a new study.

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