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Grim outlook prompts sweetener action from Danisco

Danisco reducing its production of xylitol in China and mothballing its xylose facility, as its sweeteners division is implicated as one of the causes of lower earnings expectations.

Swiss firm claims to crack tooth-friendly drink conundrum

A new beverage is claiming to be the first ice tea that can safeguard the health of teeth, thanks to the use of isomaltulose in place of sucrose and an aseptic process that prevents bacteria without the need for acids.

Roquette concept aims to add value to sweetener

Roquette is re-naming its bulk maltitol sweetener as SweetPearl, and is offering additional services to add value for customers – for no extra cost.

Fructose-sweetened drinks again raise questions in obesity-related study

Drinking fructose-sweetened beverages with meals may cause bigger rises in blood levels of triglycerides in obese people after the meal, says a new study.

Novel Foods approval sought for nutritive sweetener

Alberta, Canada-based Bioneutra has applied to the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) for European Union Novel Foods approval for a prebiotic, isomalto-oligosaccharide sweetener.

Syral centre of excellence to boost innovation

Syral is building a new centre of excellence which it hopes will strengthen innovation by working directly with its customers in the application of its sweeteners and proteins, among other ingredients.

2008 round-up: This year’s most read articles about sweeteners

As 2008 draws to a close, FoodNavigator has been reviewing which articles generated the most interest amongst you, the readers. Interest in sweeteners has been intense – from new science and market entrants in sucrose, to new possibilities for the market.

Stevia sweetener gets US FDA go-ahead

The FDA has given the long-awaited green light for Reb A, the sweetener made from the stevia leaf, to be used in food and beverages - opening the flood gates for new product launches.

Sweeteners still a bitter pill for Danisco margins

Margin pressure in its sweeteners and Genencor business divisions has caused Danisco to lower its bottom-line outlook and take a long hard look at its production set-up for xylitol and other products.

What zero-calorie approval means for erythritol users

Henry Hussell, European marketing manager for Cargill Sweetness, explains what the recent EU approval of erythritol's zero-calorie claim means for food manufacturers.

EU recognises erythritol as zero calorie sweetener

Opportunities for low-calorie formulations open up for food makers as Europe officially recognises erythritol as a zero calorie sweetener.

Ajinomoto confirms aspartame price increase for Europe

Ajinomoto Europe has announced a 15 per cent price increase for aspartame produced at its plant in Gravelines, France, just weeks after the US business made a similar announcement.


The hour of stevia is nigh

The course of true love never did run smooth. The same could be said of stevia’s road to regulatory approval as a food ingredient. One final concerted effort is needed to ensure approval of this hot ingredient.

Stevia potential bigger than we thought, PureCircle

PureCircle is reviewing its operational strategy and development plans, as high purity Reb-A, derived from stevia, is attracting attention as a potential complement to sugar as well as a replacement for existing high intensity sweeteners (HIS).

Stevia gets Australian approval for food and beverages

The Australian food authority FSANZ has approved the natural sweetener steviol glycosides (stevia), as an ingredient in foods and beverages in Australia and New Zealand.

Sweeteners and seaweed science stand out during September

Studies reporting stevia’s photo-stability in beverages, Splenda’s effect on gut bacteria, and seaweed’s potential as a salt replacer, dominated September’s headlines.


What to do when safety studies smell a rat

Using animals, and specifically rats, to build the science behind ingredients is vital, but dismissing conflicting studies just because a rat is not a human is not acceptable.

Splenda may damage gut bacteria, boost weight gain: study

Consumption of the sweetener Splenda at doses within the US FDA’s Acceptable Daily Intake may suppress beneficial bacteria in the gut, and cause weight gain, says a new rat study.

Splenda study: Industry and academia respond

Questions have been raised concerning the safety of the Splenda brand of sweetener, and its key component sucralose, following publication of results of a rat study. Both industry and academia gave their views to

Europe's first polydextrose production planned

Tate & Lyle has announced plans to build a new polydextrose line in The Netherlands, which it says will be the first facility for the manufacture of the prebiotic fibre and bulking agent in Europe.

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