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Fructose sweeteners may (not) be associated with kidney disease

Intakes of sugar-sweetened beverages may increase levels of uric acid, a compound linked to decreased kidney function, says a new study.

Swedish firm to launch Yerba Mate with stevia in France

A Yerba Maté beverage is set to be one of the first products on French shelves sweetened with stevia-derived rebaudioside-A (Reb-A), recalling a traditional use of the plant by Guarani Indians in Paraguay.

‘Jury still out’ on sweeteners and metabolic effects

The scientific literature does not support a link between intakes of artificial sweeteners and metabolic changes in children, says a new review from the US National Institutes of Health.

Study questions sucralose stability in bakery

Bakery formulators who use ingredients like glycerol or fats should exercise caution when using sucralose, suggests a new study from Canada.

France ups Reb A limits for food

The French government has approved the use of stevia sweetener Reb A in table top sweeteners, and raised the levels at which it can be used in a range of no added sugar food and beverage products.

Tagatose production expected by end 2010

Nutrilab expects to begin commercial production tagatose towards the end of 2010, pending agreement that it is substantial equivalent to chemically-produced tagatose, which already has novel foods approval.

Erythritol may boost whey-sports drink formulation

Adding common ingredients to whey-based sports beverages may improve the clarity of the finished product and allow greater consumer acceptance of this type of sports beverages, says a new study.

Neotame seeks a slice of the saccharine market

NutraSweet is positioning its neotame sweetener as a better-tasting alternative to saccharine, and expects it to compete with the world’s most used sweetener on cost.

Neotame wins approval in Europe

NutraSweet’s zero calorie sweetener neotame will be permitted for use in the EU from next Tuesday, following official authorisation by the European Commission.

Artificial sweeteners may trigger fullness hormones

The artificial sweetener sucralose may work together with glucose to stimulate the release of a protein that promotes a feeling of fullness, says new research from the US.

Food landmarks 2009: Stevia in Europe

As the old year draws to a close, we review the significant waypoints of 2009 and look ahead to what is likely to dominate next year’s news. Join us now for a whistle-stop tour of the news topics that made the headlines on our flagship food and nutrition websites in Europe and North America.

Coca-Cola adds stevia to Fanta Still in France

Coca-Cola France has reformulated Fanta Still with stevia only three months after the French government approved a form of the natural sweetener.

EFSA gives polyol bulk sweetener a positive opinion

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has delivered a positive scientific opinion on polyglycitol syrup, a common bulk sweetener used in bakery products.

Coming soon: Aspartame appeal on ‘nasty’ ruling

Three judges will consider an appeal against a High Court ruling over the rights to call aspartame a “nasty” early next year.

Eyeing European sucralose success

Head of JK Sucralose in Europe Leo Hokke talks to about growth of the European sucralose market and why he thinks it is more appealing than other sweeteners for consumers and manufacturers.

Distributor plays up fruits’ technical power

A newly-formed distributor is offering a slate of fruit and nut ingredients that could provide technical functions in food applications to replace artificial additives or sweeteners.

Major JK Sucralose expansion predicts market surge

JK Sucralose has announced that it intends to expand capacity at its Jiangsu, China plant to 4,000 metric tonnes by 2020, confident that the market is set to skyrocket.

Fructose sweeteners may promote Syndrome X

‘Moderate’ consumption of fructose-containing sweeteners may produce ‘modest but significant changes’ that may contribute to the development of metabolic syndrome, says a new rat study.

Sucralose sales bouncing back for Tate & Lyle

Tate & Lyle has seen a new surge in sucralose sales in the last 6 months thanks to customers restocking after running down amassed supplies; and stocks at the mothballed US site are expected to run down by the year’s end.

Inulin may offer low-sugar, tasty milk chocolate

Combining inulin with the bulking agent polydextrose may reduce the sugar and fat content of milk chocolate, without affecting consumer acceptance, suggests a new study.

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