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Faravelli Group

Faravelli Group

At Faravelli Group we are specialized in providing high quality raw materials and ingredients specifically meant for the food industry, including sugars, intensive sweeteners, thickeners, stabilizers, prevervatives, antioxidants, inactive yeasts and extracts, leavening agents, vitamins, proteins, flavors, functional systems.

Our products are found in all the major applications, such as dairy products/desserts, ice-creams, meat, convenience foods, bakery, confectionery, beverages, food supplements and sports nutrition.

 We also produce a range of functional systems for the food industry. FARA® functional systems are studied and conceived by our in-house Food Application Lab. Based on hydrocolloids, they help defining structure and texture of finished products, optimizing organoleptic properties and shelf life stability.

Each Food Division is able to offer also a range of feed technical additives to enhance product production and processing, nutritional additives for animal health and development, sensory additives for flavour, and a range of premixtures.

Our success is based on a peculiar and very efficient step-by-step process, starting from a selective choice of our partners: since the very beginning we have worked to build  valuable partnerships with suppliers, based on mutual confidence and satisfaction: all our partners are market leaders with a global reputation, selected among the most reliable companies, able to guarantee outstanding quality, innovation and flexibility.

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