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Zeelandia is creating new possibilities in the world of baking


Inspiring bakers around the world with smart ingredients that help them perform better and create top quality products. That’s the everyday concern of over 1,950 employees at Zeelandia.

Baking is a traditional craft, and at the same time, an exact science. To which we bring extensive knowledge and understanding of raw materials, ingredients and how they work in various combinations. We understand the challenges industrial bakers face – and we develop specific, tailor-made solutions to answer them.

We are a Dutch family-owned firm with employees in 28 countries. Founded in 1900, our company has well over a century of experience developing innovative bakery ingredients, processes and marketing concepts. Zeelandia serves the professional bread and confectionery trade worldwide with high-quality baking ingredients. With thorough knowledge of local markets and a global R&D network we support customers around the world in exploring new ground and creating new products that prove a success.

Close personal involvement with our customers is at the heart of what we do. This is reflected in our global network of Zeelandia companies, which develop products tailored to local tastes and needs in almost 100 countries. Consumers’ preferences and spending patterns change all the time, posing a challenge to bakeries. With innovative products and services, we support customers in developing products and concepts that fit consumer trends.

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