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Delaying The Oxidative Rancidity Of Precooked Refrigerated Chicken Patties With FORTIUM R10 Dry Natural Plant Extract

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Related applications: Health and nutritional ingredients

Kemin offers a guaranteed source of proprietary rosemary extract. Our plant-based ingredients have both flavoring and antioxidant properties that delay oxidation and increase shelf-life. Managing the entire process - from plant breeding and growing to extraction and blending - allows us to guarantee a sustainable, consistent supply of high quality products. 

The shelf life of processed meats is limited by microbial spoilage and oxidative rancidity. During grinding, phospho­lipid membranes are disrupted, exposing unsaturated lipids, heme iron, and pro-oxidant enzymes to oxygen, which accelerates oxidation.Treating your meat and poultry products with ingredients from Kemin can delay oxidative rancidity, while maintaining the flavor and  color of your product.

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