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Polish potential: Poland is Eastern Europe’s food innovation hub, says Mintel

Poland is leading the way for food and drink innovation in Eastern Europe accounting for over a third of product launches in the region – but as one of the fastest growing economies in the EU, it’s also an interesting export destination, says Mintel. 

Heard of soursop, ditakh or cashew apple flavour? You'll need to if you want to break into Africa, says Aromatech

French flavour firm Aromatech has developed a range of flavours specifically designed to appeal to African consumers based on local fruit - but European consumers looking for new, exotic tastes will also love them, it says.

Weight of the world: 20% of adults obese by 2025, study predicts

Around 20% of adults worldwide will be obese by 2025, if policies designed to slow down and stop the worldwide increase in Body Mass Index (BMI) are not revised and implemented, according to a study.

Can firms clean up vanillin's clean label image amid natural supply shortages?

It’s the world’s most popular food flavour but less than 1% of global demand for vanilla can be met by the natural vanilla orchid – and this year’s supplies have been hit by a poor harvest in top producing country Madagascar, sending prices skyrocketing. But is a switch to artificial vanillin the solution?

Morrisons boss puts money where his mouth is

Morrisons ceo David Potts has demonstrated his confidence in turning around the fortunes of the retailer by investing a further £360,000 in shares.

UK a nation of ‘convenience food and waste,’ says survey

The United Kingdom is emerging as a nation of casual consumers, whose preference for convenience food appears to give rise to increased food waste, a survey has shown.

First food crime report published by FSA

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published its first assessment of the threat of crime to the UK food and drink sector.

Stevia passes muster with EU for approved use in mustard

The European Commission has approved the use of stevia as a sweetener in mustard in Europe, a decision welcomed by manufacturers as an opportunity for new product development.

Rare plant compound subject of novel industrial-scale production method

A method to recreate a rare class of plant-derived chemical compounds has the potential to be produced on an industrial scale for the food and flavour industries.

Corbion commits to innovation with new Dutch R&D lab

Food ingredients firm, Corbion has opened an R&D and applications laboratory, which the firm said would drive the business to new levels of innovation.


Food manufacturers back EU membership ‘overwhelmingly’

Leading UK food and drink manufacturers have given “an overwhelming endorsement” to the campaign for the UK to remain in the EU.

Sensory profiling just got simpler, faster and cheaper: Nofima

Sensory profiling and product testing can be complicated, but Norwegian researchers have developed methods that are simpler, faster and cheaper, allowing smaller companies to carry out their own new product development, they say.

'Artisan, alternative & adventurous' food is driving UK industry success stories

The London Stock Exchange Group has picked out 75 up-and-coming British food businesses which are fuelling success in the whole sector thanks to an "insatiable appetite for the artisan, the alternative and the adventurous," it says.

Naturex calls on start-ups for ingredient innovation partnerships

Naturex is calling on innovative start-ups with fresh ideas on plant-based ingredients, green technologies and novel farming processes to collaborate with it thorugh Ingenium, its open innovation accelerator scheme.


An ‘ode’ to eating: Stimulating appetite among dependent older people

Manufacturers and suppliers have a role to play in helping elderly people enjoy a sensory connection with food, says the co-founder of Ode, a device which stimulates appetite through the use of fragrance.

Defining the salt taste may lead to enhanced alternatives, study predicts

Understanding the biological mechanisms responsible for detecting the salty taste will help create solutions to combat the health problems caused by overconsumption of salt, a study has determined.

‘For something to taste good, it doesn’t need to be sweet!’ Ugly water eyes up new opportunities for unsweet beverages

The founders of Ugly, an unsweet, fruit infused sparkling water brand, believe consumer palates will become less focused on sweet in the coming years. This can open up opportunities for beverages such as unsweetened iced tea, unsweetened cold brew coffee, and further innovations in bottled water. 

Demand for citrus flavour blends on the rise in Europe, says FMI

Demand for citrus flavour market is set to rise in Europe in the next ten years, says Future Market Insights (FMI) - but which are the most popular flavour blends, what is fuelling this growth and how steady is supply?

Non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers: Opportunities and challenges

Non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers only account for a small proportion of the global beer market. However, these categories are showing stronger growth than the overall beer market, according to figures from Canadean.

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