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Watch French Chef’s New Palm Oil Recipes

Published: 25-Jul-2016 | Format: Web page | Document type: Video
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Ahead of the competition in Rio this summer, join French Chef David Martin in preparing the exotic Brazilian dish Moqueca de Peixe, made with Malaysian Palm Oil.

Famous French Chef David Martin invites you on a culinary journey, creating delicious recipes cooked with Malaysian Palm Oil. Dr Guy-André Pelouze, cardio-thoracic surgeon, joins David Martin, to explain the science and health benefits behind chef David Martin’s recipes.


Opinion: Why palm oil taxes are neither effective nor just

The French government’s planned palm oil tax was withdrawn in the National Assembly in June as part of the revision of the biodiversity bill. The removal of the tax led to protests from Greens, but was supported by the palm oil sector. In my opinion removing the tax was the right thing to do. 

New research shows the role of palm oil in the world economy

Food and fuel; fuel and food. The two essentials that humanity has sought to produce, and provide for, since time immemorial. Palm oil – used by the ancient Egyptians, then more recently cultivated in West Africa and latterly in Malaysia and Indonesia – is a source of both

Is DG SANTE ignoring the science on trans fats?

The EU’s health policy should be aimed at improving the health of its citizens. That would normally be taken as a given. However, the European Commission’s recently released Roadmap on Trans Fats falls short in this regard. 

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