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Roundtable discussion: A lighter world: whose fault is globesity and what is being done to combat it?

Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar
Weight Management 2016

Many fingers have been pointed from lazy consumers to greedy food companies to inept governments but it has done little to solve the problem – obesity and overweight rates continue to rise.
In this keynote roundtable we bring consumer, industry and academic voices together to better understand the scale of the problem, and consider ways to tackle a genuine global public health crisis.


  • Dr Andrew Shao

    Andrew Shao

    Vice President, Global Nutrition Policy


  • Carrie Ruxton

    Carrie Ruxton

    Dietitian & Nutrition Consultant

    Nutrition Communications

  • Pauline Castres

    Pauline Castres

    Food Policy Officer


  • Shane Starling

    Shane Starling

    Senior Editor

    NutraIngredients, FoodNavigator & FoodNavigator-Asia

  • Tim Rycroft

    Tim Rycroft

    Director of Corporate Affairs

    Food and Drink Federation