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Health Solutions@HAHN - Benefits of functional HAHN stabiliser systems

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Health Solutions@HAHN - Benefits of functional HAHN stabiliser systems - presenting a range of stabiliser systems with focus on the health and wellness segment.

Health & Wellness as international mega trends in dairy and convenience products

Health and nutrition are two very popular topics - food products (ranges) with health-driven claims are flourishing in every supermarket today. We are not divulging any trade secrets when saying that in the future, continuingdouble-digit growth rates are predicted for the health and wellness market. In order to furtheraddress this trend with respect to the dairy and fine food segment in particular, HAHN has launchedits new range: Health Solutions@HAHN.

Throughout many years, while developing high quality products with respect to stability, texture and mouthfeel, HAHN food experts have also designed many product ranges for the wellness and health segment. Depending on requirements, these products can offer considerable fat reduction and/or declarations free from ingredients such as egg, wheat, gluten and/or animal protein.

To supplement this product category, Health Solutions@HAHN offer blends that combine a stabiliser component with health-focused ingredients in order to add fibre and/or sweetener blends to a product.

Examples for product positioning

Health Solutions@HAHN

Sugar reduced products, products without added sugar or calorie-reduced products

Recipe design with tailored HAHN stabiliser systems including specially tailored sweetener combinations; for high quality products with a view to flavour release, texture and viscosity.

Products: rich in fibre or enriched with fibre

Recipe adjustment with tailored HAHN stabiliser systems which include fibre component such as polydextrose or soluble gluco fibre.

Prebiotic products

Recipe composition based on tailored HAHN stabiliser systems which include a fibre component that exhibits prebiotic effects.

Products: enriched with other healthy ingredients

Recipe design with tailored HAHN stabiliser systems and incorporation of healthy ingredients such as secondary plant extracts, ?3 and ?6 fatty acids, special oils or proteins.

Health Solutions@HAHN range offer a vital market advantage: Quick and effective realisation of product concepts for the growing health and wellness market, due to the renowned HAHN product service.

Application examples from the HAHN TECHNOLOGY CENTRE (HTC) - for Convenience Products

As a starting point, to assist the food manufacturer to develop customised product concepts for the health and wellness segment, HAHN have selected three basic recipes from a host of innovative recipes that are developed in the HTC on a daily basis.

Health Solutions@HAHN for Mayonnaise: fat reduced, egg free, low cholesterol, enriched with fibre

Health Solutions@HAHN for Dips: no added sugar, enriched with fibre

Health Solutions@HAHN for Tomato Ketchup: no added sugar, enriched with fibre

As well as these verified product prototypes, HAHN can present additional information on competencies and know-how in the fields of technology, recipe design, nutrition physiology and innovation - this of course is also available for dairy applications such as for the beverage segment: a smoothie with yogurt; sugar reduced, high in fibre and 37 % fruit.

Benefits when using functional HAHN stabiliser systems

HAHN offers numerous innovative product ideas, which are validated for industrial realisation so they are readily available to customers. These finished products offer excellent quality with respect to product properties such as creaminess and stability. Comprehensive on-call technical support is available for all individual developments in both the HAHN Technology Centre and customer's on site production.