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Fry Smarter: Technologies to Offer Healthier Choices for Consumers

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Related applications: Fats & oils

Read this technical paper to learn more about how to reduce fat up to 35% or more as well as the associated calories in fried foods – without losing the crispy, crunchy and flavorful sensory attributes – using WELLENCE™ Fat Reduction (FR). From fried potato products, to fried appetizers, to fried proteins, adding WELLENCE™ FR to a batter or coating can also help you achieve your healthy menu options goals.

In addition to technical data on WELLENCE™, this technical paper explores sensory data, stability of fat reduction from par-fry through finish-fry, acrylamide reduction, various application methods, and more.


How food producers can cater to flexitarians

Changes in consumer dietary choices are expanding the market for meat-free products. A growing number of omnivores are cutting back on meat, creating a new class of flexitarians. People in this group want high quality vegetable protein-based products to replace meat in many of their meals. The challenge for food producers is to create meat substitutes that meet these demands while also catering for the overlapping allergen-free market.

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