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EPI Ingredients

EPI Ingredients

EPI Ingredients, a Laïta subsidiary, specialises in the development and marketing of powdered dairy ingredients produced for the food processing industry. The ‘Paysan Breton’ quality charter framework enables total control of the milk collection managed by Laïta, offering its ‘ingredients’ subsidiary the advantage of raw materials whose quality is second to none. 1.3 billion litres of milk are thus collected from almost 3,500 producers.

Our expertise in two important areas at the disposal of our customers:

- Expertise in dairy fundamentals, coupled with adaptability:
EPI Ingredients is a milk specialist with a diverse range of technologies at its disposal, and as such it is able to meet even the most highly-specialised specifications: step by step, milk powders, caseinates and other wheys comply with the requirements of our customers – from both the microbiological and the physical-chemical perspectives (density, granulometry). Halal and Kosher references are available.

- Specific development and formulation:
With all the technologies available at Laïta, EPI Ingredients has, over many years, capitalised on its fermentation expertise. New powders, made of yoghurt and curd cheese have been developed to meet the major needs of the food industry specialists like chocolates and confectionery, ice-creams and bakery but also ready meals and beverages manufacturers.

Our Research and Development Department, which has developed particular skills in the field of expertise in dairy flavours, now offers personalized support and guidance in formulating the ingredient its customer is in search of, within the context of a close and trusting relationship.

The Sales and R&D teams invite everyone to come and participate in this project.

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