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Dispatches from Anuga Foodtec 2012

Optimising flavour in bakery with chemical analysis – ex-Kraft flavourist

By Oliver Nieburg , 10-Apr-2012
Last updated on 10-Apr-2012 at 17:48 GMT2012-04-10T17:48:28Z

Dr Haesselbarth right with his business partner Claudia Geyer
Dr Haesselbarth right with his business partner Claudia Geyer

Closely analysing flavour compounds can help bakers select the best flours and oils to optimise taste, according to a flavour consultant with almost 20 years’ experience at Kraft Foods.

In this podcast, Dr Alexander Haesselbarth who spent almost 20 years with Kraft Foods before setting up his own flavour consultancy business Flavologic last year, talks to on the show floor at Anuga Foodtec in Germany.

Here he discusses how a ‘unique’ type of chemical analysis that he claims can enhance the aroma properties of baked goods.

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