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Horizon Italia

Horizon Italia

Born with the objective to offer in Italy a unique service in this field, Horizon Italia lends his advice to producers and distributors of food ingredients. Horizon investigates and analyses ingredients and additives, their chemical, physical and technological characteristics, to provide support and consulting to food industry stakeholders in order to highlight their potentialities and possible new applications. Horizon owns pilot plants capable of creating and replicating any industrial production. Thanks also to a partnership with Saf&St, it can offer chemical, microbiological, instrumental and rheological analysis, microscopic identification of ingredients in mixture and sensory tests. Horizon has recently developed an innovative method for colour evaluation: Real Time Computer Vision System (RT-CVS). Results provided by RT-CVS are more representative and reflect a colour more similar to the real one than the colorimeter. Furthermore, Horizon gives regulatory and scientific expertise for a wide range of products. Horizon Italia supports customers in regards to Italian, European and extra-European laws and regulations. Horizon Italia offers this type of consulting in nutritional and food field, especially on food supplements, dietetic and enriched products. In the event of administrative sanctions or disputes, Horizon provides technical support also by proveritate opinions and technic-legal reports written with lawyer’s guidance and furnish the service of label draft and revision, above all for products subjected to notification to Minister of Health. Horizon Italia is a reliable partner to implement new incipient community rules for food labelling.

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